Saturday, June 24, 2017

Took My Fat Butt to the Doctor...

Okay, ya'll. I am feeling the need to relate an experience I had the other day at the doctors' office, that has me a little irritated. And you know, if this were the first time it had happened, I might brush it off. But it's not the first time something like this has happened.

So I go to see my gynecologist for my yearly exam. He mentions my significant weight loss since last year. He mentions my metabolic disorder (in my chart). He mentions the endocrinologist who I see for my metabolic disorder, and who my gynecologist describes as "the best". He mentions my vertical sleeve gastrectomy, and asks about my progress. You know what he does then?

He tells me I need to reduce my calorie intake (without asking me anything about my diet). He asks about my physical activity, then tells me I also need to exercise more to maximize my weight loss.

You know... if he didn't know that I had a diagnosed metabolic disorder, was under treatment by "the best" endocrinologist in the area, that I recently had gastric sleeve, that I'm already seeing a nutritionist, and have lost 70 lbs... if he didn't know all of that and as a medical professional wanted to insert his advice about my weight because he was concerned about my obesity, then fine. But when you know your patient has taken proactive steps to combat the condition, is being seen by someone you yourself consider "the best", and has had significant weight loss, well... do you really think another lecture about how fat she is, how she needs to reduce caloric intake & increase physical activity, well, do you really think that's helpful? Or is it degrading? Disheartening? Insulting?

It's not the first time this has happened. In my early 20s I  experienced some breast changes that, because of my family history of breast cancer, my family doctor felt should be evaluated by a breast specialist. So I went. She never even examined me. True story. She asked me to have a seat in her office, fully clothed, and lectured me on how I needed to lose weight, and somehow this would resolve my breast issues. She literally never even looked at my breasts, let alone did an exam.

Let that sink in for a minute. A patient is referred to you, as a specialist, because of significant changes in her breasts combined with a strong family history of breast cancer. And you, as a specialized medical professional, never even examine her, but instead lecture her about her weight as if that will cure all of her issues.

Needless to say, I never went back.

Thankfully my family doctor was as appalled as I was and ordered my first mammogram. He also said he would no longer be referring patients to that particular doctor.

Don't misunderstand me, I know that obesity is a major health issue in our country. But it isn't everything. It's not even close. Nothing about my yearly gynecological visit necessitates comments about my weight, diet, & exercise, especially when you know I'm already being treated for those issues. Nothing about the changes in my breasts were attributed to my weight, nor would losing weight somehow miraculously prevent breast cancer from being a concern in my life.

The sad thing is that these experiences are nothing new, not for me, and not for millions of other Americans. Our concerns, the real medical issues that need to be addressed, are dismissed; we aren't taken seriously; we endure lecture after lecture about our weight, whether we want it or not. We hear the surprise in the nurse's voice when our blood pressure is within normal limits, and the look of surprise on doctors' faces when we tell them that "No. I'm not diabetic. In fact, my sugar trends low."

It's bad enough the things we endure from John Q. Public, but the doctor is one place we should be able to go, discuss valid concerns, and have those concerns addressed, without judgement. But it's not. It's just not.

It's really sad to think that one of the benefits of me one day reaching a healthy weight is that doctors will now take me seriously. Really, really sad indeed.

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Thursday, June 15, 2017

What to do if Your Cat Goes Missing

A few weeks ago my beloved cat Tucker snuck out the door around midnight and disappeared into the night. When he hadn't come home by the next morning, I became worried. Really worried. Tucker is 12 years old and an indoor cat. I envisioned all kinds of horrible things. But I also took action.

If you ever find yourself in a similar position, here are a few things you can do to (hopefully) get your beloved cat (or other pet) back home.

#1 - visit your local animal shelter.

Our shelter helped me complete a "missing pet" notice, that would be kept in the intake area for six months, so that any cats brought in would be matched against Tucker's description. They also allowed me to view all of the cats at the shelter, including the recent intakes not yet available for adoption. I was also permitted to hang a "lost cat" flier on the bulletin board in their lobby. The animal control officer that assisted me was incredibly helpful and polite, and gave me some first-hand information on what they see that helps reunite owners with their pets.

#2 - post on social media, especially Facebook.

Truth be told, I did this first, just because it's quick & easy. Create a "lost cat" post, with picture, set the privacy to "public" and share with your friends. Ask them to share. Share in local groups in your area. Post in missing pet networks in your region. Post, post, post, share, share, share. Not only is it super-easy, according to the animal control officer I spoke with Facebook is now the #1 way they see owners reunited with pets in our area.

#3 - post fliers, with pictures, in your area.

This was one of the last things that I did, mostly because the three days after Tucker disappeared were filled with summer thunderstorms. Of course. But the first dry day we had I posted fliers on the telephone poles closest to our home, with plans to post more and expand the area every day. The officer told me this is currently the secondmost way they see pets & owners reunited in our area, especially for those who may find your pet but not be on social media. Even though it was too wet to post fliers outdoors due to the weather, I did take fliers to local gas stations, veterinary offices, and pet-related businesses in my area started on day one.

#4 - if your pet is microchipped, notify the microchip company

We rescued Tucker from a shelter, so he came already microchipped, but this was the first time I actually ever needed to use their missing pet alert system. I have to say, I was impressed. I filled out the online form, submitted it, and not only did an email go out to hundreds of other owners of microchipped pets in the area (I've been getting their emails for years), but they also send out a mass communication to local veterinary offices, and even Facebook groups. In fact, one of the "Lost & Found Pets" groups that I went to post to, by the time I got on social media, had already posted the notice they got from our microchip company. For those who may be interested, we use HomeAgain*.

#5 - go out with stinky food and call your pet by name.

For cats, go out in the evening and early morning. Cats are nocturnal by nature, so there's a chance he may be sleeping the day away. If he's going to be found out & about, it's most likely going to be at night.

#6 - put your cat's litter box outside.

Statistics vary, but some claim that a cat can identify their own litter box up to a mile away. I waited until day three to do this, for a few reason. First of all, I had cleaned the litter box right about an hour before he got out. There was nothing for him to smell. Secondly, Tucker shares a litter box with our other cat, Molly. I couldn't leave it outside with nowhere for her to relieve herself. Thirdly, the rain. I didn't clean the litterbox at all the first couple of days after Tucker disappeared. On day three, when the rain let up, I took it outside and dumped it near our property line, in the direction I last saw him running. It was now nice and stinky with Molly's waste, and I figured even if it's not his, he should recognize his sister's smell, right?

#7 - don't give up hope

According to the animal control officer I spoke with, indoor cats who get lost outside, if they haven't been taken in by someone, return after 2-3 days. If a cat has been "rescued" by a well-meaning neighbor, it can be months before you are reunited.
The story usually goes something like this: well meaning person finds "lost" cat with no identification. "Rescues" said cat by taking it in. Since they are doing a good deed, it never occurs to them the cat may be lost. Surely it is a stray or its owners didn't want it or take care of it. After a few months, the cat either isn't fitting in well in the household, or they finally get around to taking it to the vet, or a friend or family member guilts them about never checking to see if the cat were lost. At that point they surrender it to the shelter where it is scanned for a microchip or matched against a missing pet report. Or the vet scans for a microchip and realizes the pet actually belongs to someone else. Or they start looking at lost pet reports or call the shelter and realize that their new pet is actually someone's missing pet.
So don't give up hope.

So what happened to Tucker? He did return home, on day four, around 11pm. I heard a faint meow, and initially thought it must be Molly, sleeping in my three year old's room. Then I realized it wasn't her voice. I looked over, and there was Tucker, peeking in our French doors at the back of the house. He was skinny, covered in burrs, and reeked of gasoline, but was otherwise fine. I'm not sure where he was for those four days, but I sure am glad he's home.

One surprising development was the amount of attention his disappearance and our reunion got on Facebook. People shared my posts all over and I was getting private messages checking on his status. So naturally Tucker ended up with his own Facebook page. My cat has a Facebook page and people are still following his story. Still seems a little crazy, but it's true.

How about you? Have you ever lost a pet? Were you reunited? What steps did you take when you realized it was lost?

As always, thanks for checking in!

*HomeAgain did not ask for a mention or review, nor have I been compensated in any way for this post. I am simply giving my opinion of a service I have paid for out of my own personal finances.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Letting People In

One of my friends kinda invited herself to my house for a play date. Not in a rude way, more of a miscommunication (I assumed we were meeting at a park, she assumed they were coming over). And I should clarify that although I do consider her a friend, we're not especially close, haven't spent a lot of time together, chatting, or what not. So not a close friend by any means.

I figured this out at 10:30pm the night before when she asked what time she should be over.

Instead of back-pedaling, backing out of it, explaining the miscommunication... 
I agreed.
I might be insane.
My house was a disaster. And not like in the way that people say when it's a little bit untidy but they want to be polite or whatever. Like a serious messy, messy did-a-tornado-hit-here? disaster. The last thing I wanted was for anyone to see my house. Actually, the last thing I wanted was to spend hours cleaning our house only to realize that it still isn't even close to "company ready", even though company is coming, ready or not.
But our pastor routinely says things about how if you keep shutting people out of your life & your home because you're afraid of being rejected based on your flaws, then you are missing out on real, authentic relationships. So I agreed instead of backing out, and I let her and her kids in.
And it was awesome. If she judged me, she didn't show it. You see, I always kind of assume that when people see my messy house they either judge me, or are relieved (you know who you are, LOL). Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe a lot of people just don't care that much either way, but that's what I envision: either judgement or relief.

So we don't have people over a lot. Hardly every really. But maybe we should. Because it was great. The kids played together well, she and I got to chat almost the entire two hours, and I think we all genuinely had a great time.

So maybe I need to let more people in, literally and figuratively. Maybe I'm missing out on something great by not letting people in. And maybe if someone judges me based on my lack of housekeeping skills, they aren't the kind of friend I need in my life anyway.

What about you? Is there anything you use a reason to keep people at bay? What are you afraid of?

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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Small Business Spotlight: Pressure Wash Cincinnati

Welcome to the very first Small Business Spotlight on Everyday Nothings. I'd like to spend some time each month shining the proverbial spotlight on a small / family business. Up first, our own family-owned business, Pressure Wash Cincinnati.

Pressure Wash Cincinnati started in 2012 as The ProServe Group, a professional services group specializing in home exterior services, and currently consists of Pressure Wash Cincinnati and Christmas Lights Cincinnati.

Founder Jason Geiman had the idea while talking with his fellow firefighters at the fire house one shift. One of them mentioned that he thought there should be someone who went around and did pressure washing in the neighborhood. The idea stuck with Jason, and he started looking into the idea of starting his own pressure washing company. After he had done considerable research and talked with existing owners of pressure washing companies in other cities, he approached his wife, Jodi, with the idea. Once she had a grasp of the concept, she gave him her full support.

The company started as a true "mom & pop" operation, with the couple going together to look at and purchase equipment, driving to other cities to talk to more experienced professionals, talking over the aspects of the business, and attending professional conventions. When the business launched in 2012 Jason answered the phones, performed quotes, closed sales, and did all of the manual labor  and bookkeeping while Jodi, who was also working full-time outside of the home, did the graphic design and helped with marketing in the evenings, weekends, and occasionally on her lunch break. Their then-3-year-old daughter would also join in as they drove around in what little "spare" time they had, putting out yard signs at major intersections throughout Greater Cincinnati. Family time often looked a lot like family business time in 2012 and the beginning of 2013 (and still does at times!)

Their hard work paid off, and by the next summer they were on track to double their business. Enter Jason's brother, Gary Geiman.

Jason & Gary had previously discussed the possibility of starting a business together, and had talked over several options, including pressure washing and carpet cleaning. With the business expanding rapidly, and Gary in a position to step in, the experienced sales professional came on board the summer of 2013 as the undisputed head of sales.

With Gary taking over phone calls, performing quotes, and more importantly closing sales, Jason was able to concentrate on completing jobs, and keeping customers satisfied with top-notch work and customer service. In his nearly non-existent spare time, Jason started teaching himself marketing. The timing was impeccable, as Jodi needed to take a step back. Additional responsibilities at her full time job combined with a pregnancy made it less feasible for her to be as involved in the business had she had been before. Looking back, she sees God's perfect timing in what was a pretty stressful time. Gary's knowledge and experience in sales has been a boon to the business, and Jason has become a veritable expert at online marketing, which has helped to drive Pressure Wash Cincinnati to the success it is today.

The growth of the company has been fairly aggressive, nearly doubling every year since 2012. This success has led to the hiring of additional employees, and Pressure Wash Cincinnati currently employees ten people, and runs three trucks full-time during the peak season, which runs from late Spring thru early Fall.

In fact, the growth has allowed them to bring more members of the family on board. Gary's sons, Tyler & Garrett, have helped out with pressure washing almost since the beginning, and both have now come on board full time working in the field and assisting with sales calls. Gary's wife, Jennifer, joined the Pressure Wash Cincinnati team this year, performing vital assistance to the company in sales, accounting, and customer service. Jennifer's son, Sebastian, has begun helping Jason with the online marketing by creating videos.

With growth comes the need to find great employees, a struggle many business owners, big & small, are battling. Pressure Wash Cincinnati tries to combat this struggle by paying their employees an above average monetary compensation and providing up to three weeks off per year. They hope to secure long-term employees that share their goals and vision by servicing their customers with the highest degree of satisfaction possible.

Not only has their success led them to increase their hiring, they've also outgrown their physical location twice in just five years of existence. As with many small businesses Pressure Wash Cincinnati started out of Jason & Jodi's home in Northern Kentucky. In year four everyone realized that they needed additional space, and they leased a building in a neighboring town with better highway access for reaching their customers. The business outgrew that space in less than a year, and they have now moved to a larger space in Cincinnati. Not only does their new location provide them with the space that they need for a larger operation, but it is more central to their customer base as well, allowing them to serve their customers more efficiently.

So what do they credit for such success? Well, the achievements Pressure Wash Cincinnati has seen come primarily from successful marketing efforts, but this includes a willingness to try something new when one marketing effort doesn't yield the ROI (return on investment) that was expected. While they can't discount the positive effect active marketing campaigns have had on business growth, their success also wouldn't come without providing an unbeatable quality of work with superior customer service, but for those wondering why their marketing has been so successful, Pressure Wash Cincinnati has two main suggestions:
        - get active on social media with your business
        - find a mentor with more experience to learn from

While entrepreneurship takes a lot of hard work and a lot of time, it isn't without its benefits. The Geiman family sees the flexibility of running their own business as the primary perk. You might work seven days a week at times, but having the ability to set your own schedule is a huge asset. Setting your own goals and seeing them thru to completion also creates a sense of satisfaction that many entrepreneurs struggle to find in a traditional work place.

So what does the future hold for Pressure Wash Cincinnati? Expansion seems to be the future of this successful small business. With plans to expand into other cities within the next year, they see themselves with over ten franchises within five years, and hope to have handed the reins over to the next generation of Geimans within a decade.

I hope you've enjoyed our very first Small Business Spotlight. Interested in hiring Pressure Wash Cincinnati? Working for them? Visit their website at for more information, or call (513) 379-5450 to speak to one of their team.

Interested in having your small and/or family business featured in our Small Business Spotlight? Contact Jodi at

As always, thanks for checking in!


all photos provided by Pressure Wash Cincinnati and used with permission

Monday, June 12, 2017

Recipe: Stars & Stripes Cookie Bites

I made these cookies for our family's Memorial Day picnic and they were a big hit! Cute & delicious. Not one was left. If you like soft cookies like my family does, the secret is cake batter. Keeps the cookies soft like cake, but with the right other ingredients, firm like cookies. Could be used for any patriotic holiday, like the upcoming Independence Day. Enjoy!

Stars & Stripes Cookie Bites

One 15.25 oz box of french vanilla cake mix
2 large eggs
1/2 cup vegetable oil
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1/4 cup red sprinkles
1/4 cup blue sprinkles

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
In a large bowl, mix all ingredients together. I recommend adding one at a time, in the order listed, and stirring after each addition.
Spray cookie sheet(s) with Pam baking spray.
Drop dough by large spoonfuls onto cookie sheet.
Bake for 10 minutes. Don't worry if they're not pretty! That's what the cookie cutter is for!
Allow to cool on cookie sheet.
After cooling at least 10 minutes, use star-shaped cookie cutter to cut into shape.
Serve and enjoy!

Friday, June 9, 2017

Review: Duncan Hines Perfect Size for One

I got my first Perfect Size for One the other day and couldn't wait to try it.

I was not disappointed. I went with the Chocolate Lovers Cake, and it definitely satisfies my chocolate cravings. It was easy to prepare, minimal dirty dishes, and so yummy!

When I first looked at the finished product, I admit I was tempted to add some icing. Not for flavor, but because cake tends to be a little dry for my taste. I was pleasantly surprised when I tried it sans icing and found it to to be more than moist enough for my taste. The cake is fluffy, warm, and just right for a small snack or dessert. Just enough to satisfy that sweet tooth.

As an added bonus, I don't have to worry about making a larger dessert, like a "regular" cake, then having the rest of the cake go stale. Perfect Size for One is exactly that, the perfect size for one serving, easy to make, and no chances of the rest of it going bad before you can finish it.

Jena's been begging for me to let her make one ever since she saw the box, and the prep is easy enough that I think I will let her. Maybe tonight.

If you occasionally have a sweet tooth and need just enough to satisfy it, I highly recommend Perfect Size for One by Duncan Hines. And if chocolate is your vice, then you can't go wrong with the Chocolate Lovers Cake.



I received a sample of Duncan Hines Perfect Size for One in the mail, but there was never any request or solicitation for a review. I chose to do a review of my own accord, with no request or expectation of compensation of any kind.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Preschool: Learning Letters

Now that Jillian is 3 years old, we've started more formal lessons for her in our homeschool. Many of them revolve around letter recognition and spelling her name.

Last week I came up with a simple, but effective lesson that she loved. I took out a piece of colored construction paper, wrote a capital "J" (for Jillian) on it in black marker, then gave her the paper and some small stickers. I asked her to carefully follow the lines of the "J" with the stickers. I have to say, I was impressed with how neatly she did it.

Jillian loved this activity so much, that we've continued with each of the letters of her name. Her attention span only lasts for about the time to do one letter, so we've been doing on each day.

This post contains affiliate links. This does not impact your price but I do get a small commission for any items purchased through these links. As always, thank you for your continued support of Everyday Nothings.

What are some fun ways you've taught your kids their letters?

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

We're Getting a Homeschool Room!

We are finishing up our third year of homeschooling, and thus far have done our daily lessons at the dining room table, and even added a cabinet in the dining room to hold school supplies. Well, as the years have passed and we have gradually added more and more books & supplies, we are quickly outgrowing the dining room. Especially now that Jillian has started her own preschool lessons, space is at a premium.

One day, as I was lamenting my need for more bookshelves, my brother texted me asking if I wanted free bookshelves! Seriously. (I call that a God moment). You see, he & his wife are downsizing, and needed to get rid of some larger items. Like bookshelves. We ended up getting two bookshelves and a small desk from them! Bingo. But now... where to put them.

Enter our family room. It hasn't gotten much use in the six years we've lived in the house. In the winter we use the functional wood-burning fireplace as a heat source, making it less than ideal for small children to play in, and uncomfortable for the rest of us. So, a room not very functional for almost half the year ended up being a space for junk storage.

Well, now that much of Jason's winter is spent putting up Christmas lights for our family business, he has less & less time for things like cutting & stacking firewood. In fact, last winter we didn't light the fire one time. Not once. We talked about the reasonableness of not using the fireplace for heat in the future, and agreed that while it's a great financial savings to have free heat, the combination of the time it takes to cut & stack wood, along with the prospect of being able to turn it into a functional school room, led us to agree to not burn fires there any longer, and make the change.

Well, a few weeks before the bookshelf incident, I had decided we needed to purge some of our "junk" and had already begun the process. So the room was already in the process of being emptied out. When I knew the furniture was coming, I started an effort to completely clean out the room, as well as paint the walls. I'm so excited at how it's coming along.

Jena helped out painting the first coat

I think the new color, a light gray, is really going to brighten & open up the room. Once we get the new furniture in and the room set up, I think it's going to be a really nice space for the girls and I to have our lessons. And we'll have a functional space instead of wasted space.

First section of the room painted & drying. I'm loving the new lighter color!

Unfortunately I have to paint & prepare the room in phases, due to lack of time and need to parent small children. Some of you know what I mean. It would be nice to do all at once and be done, but bit-by-bit will be just fine and I'm still super-excited for the final product. I can't wait to show it to you!

As always, thanks for checking in!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Parenting Hack: Rest Time / Quiet Play

Back when Jena was a toddler, her body tried to drop a nap before she really seemed to be ready. And before I was ready, if I'm being honest. Trying to think of a way to encourage her to rest, I initiated what I call "Rest Time / Quiet Play". Of course back then I was working full-time outside of the home, so it was only used on weekends, but it worked like a dream. About half the time Jena would end up falling asleep.

The idea is that the child has to go to their room, door shut, for a specified amount of time. They can rest, nap, or play, but everything must be quiet.

It not only encourages rest time, but for the time that they're not quite ready to nap, it encourages independent play.

Well, recently Jillian has decided to drop her afternoon nap... and has become a terror. The lack of sleep makes her normally spirited self even more of a handful. Lots of tantrums, she started hitting & biting again, defiance, disobedience... she was out of control. Enter Rest Time / Quiet Play.

I instituted it this past week at our house, for both kids. Sure, Jena doesn't really need it anymore, being 8 years old, but she could use some encouragement to play independently. And quite frankly, I could use some non-kid time.

So far, it has been amazing. The first day it took me about 30 minutes to convince Jillian that she really did have to stay in her room. But she eventually got it.

We school in the morning, then have lunch, then from 1pm-3pm the girls have Rest Time / Quiet Play. Jillian has fallen asleep every day, which as made bedtime a little bit of a struggle, but her mental state and behavior is so much improved it's well worth it for me. Even Jena has enjoyed it, and has started asking for it!

What I didn't plan on, but am not really surprised by, is now much more productive I've been able to be around the house. Those two hours without distraction have allowed me to get more chores & cleaning done this week than I've gotten done in... forever it seems.

An additional bonus? Jena got so bored, she decided to clean her room!

It hasn't been this clean in a long time! And by having Rest Time / Quiet Play every day she has kept it clean, while still having plenty of time for watching shows, playing games, reading, making crafts, or whatever she wants!

Monday, June 5, 2017

Recipe: Buffalo Chicken Salad

When I accidentally picked up the Buffalo Boneless Chicken Wings by Tyson Anytizers instead of our usual Honey BBQ, I saw an opportunity. Buffalo Chicken Salad, it is. It turned out great. Yum!

Buffalo Chicken Salad

Tyson Anytizers, Buffalo Boneless Chicken Wings
Private Selection Shredded Lettuce
Kroger Sharp Cheddar Cheese, finely shredded
Original Fritos
Frozen Corn, cooked
Hidden Valley Ranch dressing


Cook the boneless chicken wings as directed. Once cooked, cut into fourths.
Put shredded lettuce in bowl. Add chicken, dressing, corn, cheese, and Fritos as desired.

I love the combo of hot & spicy with cool. Can't wait to make it again.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Trip to Chicago

Last month Jason had the opportunity to attend a marketing workshop in Chicago, so we decided to bring the girls along and make it a family trip.

We started out by stopping at the Indianapolis Children's Museum on the way. This is really a must-see for any families that live in the MidWest. The exhibits are fantastic and educational. We've been several times, and our girls just can't get enough of it. This time the girls' favorite exhibit was the circus exhibit. So much to do hands on! We ended up spending most of our time there. Check out our video to see some of the things we got to see and do there.

Once we left the Children's Museum we stopped for the night in northern Indiana. The next day we made our way into Chicago. As many times as I've been there, I never get used to how crowded it is! People (and cars!) everywhere!

While we were there we were able to meet up with my best friend from college. Gaby & I have so many differences, but we have been there for each other for over 20 years now. It's amazing when we get to see each other in person finally. I love her so much!

The next day, while Jason attended his workshop, the girls & I went to the highlight of our visit: a trip to the American Girl store! Jena got one for her last birthday, and Jillian had been asking for one for months. Since Jillian's birthday overlapped with our trip, we decided to get her one as her "big" present from us. Jena too, had been wanting another one, and in fact had been saving her money for months, trying to save enough to get one.

I really am so proud of her. From her 8th birthday & Christmas she had about $40, but if you know anything about American Girl dolls, that's not even close to enough. The rest of the money she earned thru soccer and chores.

For soccer, midway thru her first season as goalie Jason had agreed to pay her $1 for every goal she stopped, but take away $2 for any goals that got thru. At the time this was maybe $4-5 per game, tops. Usually $1-2. Then indoor soccer started. Ends up indoor soccer moves at a faster pace, and strikers tend to get off more shots on goal. With our daughter being one of the top goalies in her age group, more than half of her games were shut outs. She stopped as many as 27 goals in one game, without letting a single one through! I'm not gonna lie, she cleaned up on that deal!

For chores, she earns money for chores. The amount is rather small though, ranging from 5 cents to 50 cents per chore. She worked really hard because she wanted that doll, and some weeks earned as much as $8.

She saved every dollar, and by the time of our trip had enough to not only purchase the doll of her choosing, but get two outfits for it too! I'm so proud of her for her hard work to earn the money, and the self-restraint to save it for a large purchase. That can be hard for many adults, and my little girl si only 8 years old.

Check out this video to see how excited the girls were when we told them about going to the American Girl store, and some of our time there.

We had such a nice time in Chicago. It's a lovely city, and of course I always get to see a good friend when we go.

Have you been to Chicago lately? What are your favorite sites to see there?

As always, thanks for checking in!

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Update on Gastric Sleeve - sorry it's been so long!


Surgical recovery and parenting and... wow, next thing you know I am WAY behind on keeping you guys updated.

I had gastric sleeve a few months ago, and things are going great! I am down roughly 70 lbs and feel wonderful. My energy us up, I just feel so much better, I can do more... I just can't tell you how great I feel. I feel stronger, more capable... in short, I feel like I'm getting back to my old self. And indeed weight-wise I am! I have already hit my first personal weight goal, which was to hit my pre-pregnancy weight... before my first child. That milestone has been met and I am currently less than 10 lbs from my next milestone, my wedding weight.

It's been a journey, and not without bumps. I had some pretty bad pain early on post-surgery, enough that there were concerns of there being a leak in the suture line in my stomach, but the pain eventually faded with no other signs of a leak, so that was good. Painful, but not like it could be. Eating, even drinking, was quite a struggle at first, and I was unable to get in the proper amount of liquids, and then later protein for quite a while. I just couldn't even force it down, it was so difficult, uncomfortable, and even painful any time I drank or ate.

I still get uncomfortable at times, but for the most part the act of eating is back to normal. I had my 3-month follow up the other day, and while I did get scolded for still not getting enough water and not taking my multi-vitamins, the nutritionist said that my progress has been so great that she can't really yell at me. Ha!

One thing that has amazed me is that the surgery really seems to be working. I know, it's ridiculous. That's why I had it to begin with. But I think so many other things in my life had failed, the idea that this is working just blows my mind.

I had several doctors independently recommend the procedure for several reasons, one of those doctors being my ob/gyn. I've had issues with my cycles since having Jillian and he suggested that the changes in hormones that occur as a result of the surgery may solve those problems. Guess what? He was right! My periods are still irregular, even on hormonal birth control, but PMDD is pretty much gone, no more menstrual migraines, my periods are lighter and my cramps are almost non-existent. I went from having periods that were debilitating at times to "normal" periods within one cycle of having the surgery, before any significant weight loss. It blows my mind.

The main reason for me to have the procedure was to solve various endocrine issues (my endocrinologist was actually the first one to recommend it), with the weight loss being a happy side result, not only of the procedure, but of getting my endocrine issues resolved. And it actually seems to be working, which just seriously blows my mind that something is actually working. I'm amazed.

That's about it for now. If you're interested in my past updates, maybe you're considering having the surgery, or have had it and want to connect, I have some more frequent surgery & recovery updates on my YouTube channel, as well as just some fun videos from our life, so check that out.

I'm glad to be back on here, and thanks for checking in!
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