Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Working on Fall Schedules

I've been working on our schedule for Fall. I think I've about got it figured out.

This past year was a bit... chaotic. Homeschooling a 7 year old, herding a toddler, participating in various groups, taking community classes, Girl Scouts, soccer... it was all a bit much, and a bit crazy. We did a lot of great things, but I'm really hoping to have a more consistent schedule this school year, and am trying to do the legwork now to set us up for success later.

Jillian is napping more consistently now, and is down to one nap per day, so that will help immensely. She's also a tad less needy now that she's 2 years old, than she was at 1 year old. So here's hoping.
I thought I had it down to where Monday thru Wednesday we should be home all day, and Thursdays & Fridays well be out in the morning, back in the afternoon (for Jillian's nap), then if needed out for evening activities. If I can actually pull this off it might just be amazing, but so far it's not exactly working out.

I really thought I was on the ball, doing my Fall scheduling so early (in my mind). Nope. One activity is already at capacity. My only option is Mondays. Another is also at capacity. Only option is changing to a location twice as far away and is on Tuesdays. So right now we're out of the house Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. That sounds like insanity to me, and is very similar to the situation we were in this year, which is a main reason I wanted to try to set up a consistent schedule now.

We're on a waiting list for the desired activities / times, so here's hoping an opening comes up before Fall.

What about you? Any other homeschool moms have their fall schedules done yet? What about managing with a toddler in the mix?

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