Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Update on the Baby

So little Jillian is doing well. She's nearly four months old now, laughing and cooing.

We're doing well, but I have to admit there are tons of things you forget about having an infant in the house, especially with more than five years between the two. Plus each kid is different, so in some ways it's like learning all over again.

One thing is sleep. Jena used to go to sleep out in the living room, lights on, television on, sometimes even vacuum on. She didn't care. Jillian, however, needs dark quiet for her to fall into a good sleep. So much so that we transitioned her to the crib for naps much sooner than I'd intended, because she just wasn't getting good sleep being out in the main part of the house during the day.

She's taking 6 - 7 ounces of formula at a feeding, and once she gets a little more steady with holding her head up we'll start her on cereal. She sleeps anywhere from 6 - 10 hours at a stretch at night. The total is usually around 14 hours, but how it's split up varies widely.

I had starting out breastfeeding, and produced significantly more breastmilk than I did with Jena, but my supply dropped off around 7 weeks in, and I eventually stopped breastfeeding / pumping altogether. Pumping for 30 minutes on both breasts to get literally a few drops in the bottom of the bottle just wasn't cutting it.

She's an amazing little girl, and I can't believe God has blessed us again with such an angel.


FaithLoveFabric said...

I'm so glad I saw this, I read your post about wanting another child but your husband didn't (my situation right now) then I read the update when your husband said maybe, then I went to your most recent posts and I was so glad to see that you just had another little girl! My youngest was just born in March so they are pretty close in age. My husband is on the Terre Haute Fire Dept. Here in Indiana and we already have 3 children, a girl who is 3 and two boys, 2 yrs and a nearly 6 month old. My heart aches for a little sister for my daughter, she's such a little mother hen and takes so much care of her brothers already. At my 2 yr old son's bday party this August someone told her what a little sister was and she came and asked for one. She mentions it every now and then, just sweetly and briefly, and for a while I was almost convinced that my husband should get "fixed" as we call it, (lol) but now my heart aches, so deeply for another little girl. He refuses to even think about it, he gets angry if I mention it even jokingly. Before, we always said we wanted 5 or 6 but he has become a little more selfish, I hate to say that but... He's going through a stage of not being as interested in family as he is work and making money. I say it's a "phase" because I'm praying this will end... soon. I don't want to be having babies forever (I've spent the last 3 years straight being pregnant!) but I don't want there to be a big gap between the youngest and the first 3. It's just nice to see that it is possible for him to come around. Thanks for posting.

Kylie K.

Mrs. L said...

Congrats! Your girls are so beautiful!

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