Thursday, August 29, 2013

About Me (as told by my daughter)

Wanna have fun? Interview your kids. Their answers are precious.


- What do I do for fun?
Hug me and watch me play. Because my life revolves around my kid. No seriously. Some days it seems like it. But she is a joy to watch.

- What is my favorite TV show?
Just grown up shows. I don't watch a lot of TV in front of her, so there's no reason she would know this answer. I'm not sure I have one favorite anyway.

- What do I like to drink?
Grown up stuff like pop and stuff. Ahhh, yes. Pop. Other than a little Sprite when she's nauseous, she's not permitted to have any soda pop. When she turns five we've told her she can have it on special occasions (holidays, birthdays, etc.), so she's very excited about that, LOL.

- What do I like to eat?
Different kinds of sandwiches with pickles with it. Ha ha. Jena hates pickles, so the fact that I will eat a sandwich with one on it is a source of fascination for her.

- What do I like to read?

Grown up books and my bedtime story. Truth is I don't read nearly enough as I should or I'd like to. Need to work on that. And as much as part of me cherishes the time spent reading Jena's bedtime story, most nights it seems like a chore. But I know one day I'll miss it.... right?

- What do I like to wear?
Whatever clothes you pick out. Well, yeah, LOL.

- What do I do with my friends?
Talk. Yep. She hit the nail on the head with this one.

- What is my favorite song?
Whatever song you think is good. Again. Obvious. The actual answer is the old hymn "It Is Well"

- What do I do when you're at school?
Work. She speaks the truth.

- What do I do when you're in bed?

Watch TV at night and eat breakfast in the morning. She's right. She missed things like laundry, dishes, tidying up, etc. but what shows I do watch tend to happen after she's in bed, and I do try to eat breakfast before she's awake. She's got it.

- What do Mommy & Daddy like to do together?

Talk and do business and stuff. Talking I'm sure comes from the fact that Jena hates it when we have a conversation that doesn't involve her. She'll wait for a lull in the conversation and ask if we can talk about something she can talk with us about. And the business comes from our recent business trip. She was not happy that she was not included. Poor kid.

- What is my job?
(company name). Good job.

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Steph{anie} said...

I love this post! Her answer about what you do with your friends cracked me up; we do a LOT of that when we get together.

Susannah said...

Haha. This is adorable! :-) I love that you got to have a glimpse of how your little one views you. :-)

Anonymous said...

I love this! I should try this with my daughter.

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