Monday, May 20, 2013


Have you heard about the man charged with murder for tricking his girlfriend into taking the morning-after pill? No? Well then, read here:

Does anyone see the hypocrisy in a legal system that says if you want a baby, then to kill it is murder, but if you don't want it, then it's a legal procedure?

Am I the only one who recognizes the hypocrisy in that?

As someone who had an early ultrasound with my first pregnancy - at 7 weeks - and saw the heartbeat, and as someone who recently had a miscarriage, I cannot imagine my horror if I ever discovered that I had been tricked into aborting my child at 6 weeks along.

But at the same time, the fact that the system legally permit abortions of the same unborn children, the same heart-beating babies, because the mother doesn't want it... is disgusting and heart-wrenching.

I saw Jena's heart beating on the monitor at 7 weeks gestation. She was alive. A living human being with her own body, her own tiny heart beating on its own.

And yet in most states she could have been killed for another 5 weeks. In a few states, she could have been even older than that.

Disgusting. Selfish. Murder.

Wanted or unwanted, legal or illegal, killing is killing, murder is murder.

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'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

You are brave and absolutely correct in putting this out there. As someone without kids, people almost always assume that I am anti-life and they find out right away that I am absolutely pro-life when I answer their queries on the subject with my own question: What kind of barbaric society does it make us that we think it is important to be able to legally kill our own unborn human children?
To me it says that we are on our way out and down into the pages of history along with all the other societies that have fallen apart due to their own greed and lack of morality. Unborn human beings can be freely and legally killed here in Washington state and insurance will cover it in most cases. In fact our state is looking to make it illegal for insurance NOT to cover abortion and they want to do it under the heading of pregnancy care. Talk about hypocrisy!!!

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