Friday, January 11, 2013

During Winter Shutdown, I...

My company has "shutdown" between Christmas & New Years'.

What I accomplished:

- purged mine, Jason's, and Jena's closets for the first time... ever
- bought new storage containers for all the Christmas decorations
- took down the Christmas decorations
- cleaned the living room multiple times (it is the most photographed room during the holidays, LOL)
- took two naps in one week, for the first time in God-knows-how-long
- took Jena to the pediatrician and nursed a bad case of the flu, followed by an ear infection
- got the dogs & chickens set up for winter (heated water dishes, bedding, etc)
- got a haircut
- cooked more meals in a week at home than I have in, well, God-knows-how-long
- played with my daughter, hung out with my husband, saw my family

What I did not accomplish:

- get / keep the entire house clean
- finish ALL the laundry for once
- inventory the food in the house
- various chores / errands that I wanted to get done

Hmmmm. When I started this list, I honestly thought the "not accomplished" list would be longer, but the "accomplished" list would be more quality items. Kinda excited that the "accomplished" is actually longer. Maybe I need to do these lists more often!

Thanks for checking in!

1 comment:

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

Love crossing things off a list. It is just so satisfying and seeing it all in writing just makes me feel so good about what I got done!

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