Monday, January 21, 2013

A bit of anxiety

A few recent events, combined with the knowledge that I might actually someday have another child, has had me flashing back to my Labor & Delivery experience.

Not the least of which is some physical symptoms that have decided to rear their ugly head, that are a direct result of the trauma my body went thru those two days.

And all of which have led to me having a bit of anxiety.

I've decided that even though my next visit to my Ob will be a routine check, and not a pre-conception evaluation or anything, as that is still a ways away, I will be asking him a few questions about his medical opinion re: me having another child, another vaginal delivery, an elective C-section, etc.

I know more than anyone that you can't plan what will happen, but I need to gather information specific to my situation, and I want his medical opinion, as a professional I trust & respect.

I know the decision is ultimately up to me, but I need to know.

I'm also considering that if we do ever get pregnant, that I may start seeing my therapist again. Maybe I'm wrong, but I'm a little worried that I might completely freak out as L&D draws near.

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