Friday, November 30, 2012

"You don't even have a period!"

So, this happened in our house the other night, two days after I bought a carton of strawberry ice cream because it's my favorite. Not that I wouldn't share, but when your favorite food is in the house, it's pretty clear who has dibs, right?


*note* this story is meant to be read in an overall good mood, with laughter infused throughout. Not sure that came across well in writing.

Jason: {{ sits down on the couch with a huge bowl of strawberry ice cream }}
Me: Where's mine?
Jason: I didn't know you wanted any.
Me: Why didn't you ask?
Jason: I didn't think you'd want any.
Me: Liar. {{  pouts, goes back to Facebook }}

10 minutes pass

Me: Guess I'll get my own snack, since my husband didn't even think to ask me.
Jason: I thought about it. I just didn't.
Me: That's even worse! Jerk. {{ gets up & goes to kitchen }}
Me: {{ opening freezer }} Where's the ice cream?
Jason: I ate it all.
Me: You what?!?
Jason: {{ looking sheepish }} I ate it all. I didn't think you'd want any.
Me: Liar. {{ pause }} That's why you didn't ask, isn't it? You knew if you asked me, you'd have to share!
Jason: No.
Me: Liar. And I can't believe you ate the entire carton in two days! I didn't even get one single bite!
Jason: {{ starting to laugh }}
Me: {{ trying not to laugh }} Here I am, on my period, and you ate all of MY ice cream. My favorite kind. You don't even have a period.
Jason: {{ laughing harder }} Sorry
Me: {{ opening the cupboard }} Don't tell me you ate the rest of the Oreos too!
Jason: Sorry
Me: Are you kidding me?!? You ate all the ice cream & finished the Oreos? In two days?!?
Jason: Sorry.

Me: You are not! What am I supposed to eat now?!?
Jason: {{ laughing }} You said you wanted to eat healthier...
Me: {{ shooting him a death glare }} Shut up. Did you eat all the PopChips too?
Jason: {{ trying to suppress his laughter }} yes.
Me: That's for my lunch! You know I pack those for my lunch!
Jason: I got hungry.
Me: Ugh! I can't believe you ate ALL the snackfood in the house in two days! And you're gone tomorrow so I can't even make you go to the grocery! So I'll have to make an extra trip to the grocery store after work tomorrow, even though YOU ate all the food! But I can't because it'll already be a late night because we have gymnastics! Grrrr!
Jason: {{ laughing riotously }}
Me: This is not funny. Don't you know better than to take snack food from a woman on her period?
Jason: {{ laughing so hard he can't breathe }}
Me: {{ laughing at him, laughing at me }} You know what, go to the store! You owe me! You never once went while I was pregnant. Go make up for it now!
Jason: {{ laughing so hard tears are rolling down his face }} you really want me to go?
Me: Yes.
Jason: I'll go.
Me: You'd better.

And then, he got up and drove to Kroger at 10:45pm and bought me strawberry ice cream. And chocolate chip. And even got a different brand, because our regular brand only had strawberry yogurt stocked, and he figured that probably wouldn't do (he'd be right, for some reason I despise strawberry yogurt).

And he never complained once.

He even stayed up with me while I ate a bowl of ice cream, even though he was really tired (true story, by the time he came back I didn't even want it anymore, but figured I'd better eat it as a gesture of good will).

And then... I fell a little deeper in love with that man.


Katie said...

Awww, good man!! Except for the eating all the snack foods part! :)

Steph{anie} said...

Wow, I'm laughing at this. Typical man...but at least you shamed him into getting you more :)

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