Monday, November 12, 2012

Pictures from Haiti

Here are some pics from Jason's recent mission trip to Haiti. It was a wonderful experience for him & his brothers, and they do plan to return in the future to continue serving the people of this country.

Their primary task was to aid in re-building a wall that was destroyed in the 2010 earthquake . This wall surrounds the Good Shepherd Orphanage and provided protection for the residents & staff.

Now, why would an orphanage need protection, need a huge all surrounding the campus? you might ask. Well, the sad fact is that the entire area is struggling. And by struggling, I mean desperate. Desperate to feed their own families. Since the wall has been down, the orphanages supplies, including much-needed food, have been stolen on a regular basis. Not out of any sense of evil or wrong-doing, but because families are desperate to provide for their own children. Without the wall, the simple fact is the orphanage cannot afford to continue, because it cannot afford to feed everyone. It is a very sad situation for all.

the orphanage has its own school
Besides the wall, another member of the team, Avi* came down to assist with the school's food program.

solar oven
 Avi is a successful pastry chef with his own business. He makes semi-regular trips to the orphanage to help them with their food program.

solar oven from the side
 He aids with the solar ovens, but he also creates recipes that are easy to make, with ingredients the orphanage has access to, that increase the nutrition provided to the children there. While there, he also spends time mentoring several of the older children in the art of baking, helping them develop life skills.

It's hard to believe the damage from an earthquake two years ago that still exists. In our country there would be no visible signs, nothing that anyone not very familiar with the area would recognize. Not every country is blessed with the resources that we have here.

damage to the inside of the orphange
half of the building is completely unusable

a view of the other side of the building
(ie. what it should look like)
as they started on the wall

when the boys left
Those are just a few of the pics he got, but I think those are the ones that best represent their trip.

As always, thanks for checking in!


* actually his real name

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'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

What a wonderful opportunity to share skills and talents and be able to realize how much we all have here in America. Your husband and his group did a lot of amazing work in such a short time. Glad you were supportive, even though he had to go without you while you held down the fort at home.

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