Friday, May 25, 2012

Well, that was fast

How quickly could you pack up your family and move across 4 states?

My sister & her family plan on doing it in 2 weeks.

It helps when God's involved.

You know, how else would my brother-in-law apply for, interview for, and get hired for a job in his field in one day?

How else is it possible that my sister's old job is currently open? The exact same job, at the same company, that she left a few years ago when they moved? And her old boss wants her back.

The family drove back home and started informing family, friends, and the church that they are leaving. The next Monday BIL gave his two weeks notice at his job. They told him to leave. He packed that night and drove back to Ohio the next day. Started his new job on Wednesday of that week.

Now... just waiting for that perfect house to open up...


Ann Jones said...

It's funny how things just seem to fall into place sometimes! Sounds like it was a good move for everyone!

Missy | Literal Mom said...

Wow - that's amazing! Hey - where in Ohio? (It's where I live . . . ).:)

Marianne said...

Glad you'll have them close again!

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

I really do believe things happen just as they are supposed to, even when we can't see how everything will work out in the end.
I'm so glad this part has turned out to be one less stress in their lives. Your family deserves a break!

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