Friday, May 18, 2012

My Nephew is Watching TV

I cried with happiness when I got the text from my sister.

The other day TheBoy finally got a tracheotomy. They had tried to do one before, but his oxygen levels plummeted to deathly low levels so quickly when they took his breathing tube out, that they had to abort the procedure.

But they needed to do it. Unless they could get him breathing better, his oxygen levels would never be at high enough levels to promote healing to his organs. And, the doctors were confident once the trach was in and the breathing tube out, he would do better off of sedation, because apparently breathing tubes are quite uncomfortable, while a tracheotomy is, apparently, comfortable for the patient.

The second time around, the procedure went very well. Within 24 hours they had successfully taken him off of sedation. He was looking around the room, watching everyone who walked by, and even watching television!

I never thought I would be so happy that my nephew was watching TV!

My sister said it reminds her of when FireGirl was a baby - like he's a baby in a 6'4" body. He can't move, can't communicate, but is taking it all in.

I am so freakin' happy right now people. I can't even stand it.

We cannot thank you enough for your continued prayers, well wishes, and support.

This will be a long road, so please keep 'em coming!

As always, thanks for checking in.

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Melissa said...

Great news continued prayers for further recovery

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