Saturday, May 19, 2012


The doctors are using the word "miracle".

They don't understand it. They cannot medically explain TheBoy's recovery.

He is talking. He recognizes everyone who comes into his room. He holds conversations. He is 100% off the ventilator. And today he will be moved to a neurology rehabilitation center.

Just three days ago his family had a serious conversation about whether or not to pull the plug.

Today was the day they had to decide: pull the plug, or move him to a long-term-care / convalescent facility.

Instead, he is sitting up, breathing on his own, and holding conversations.

My brother-in-law already has a job. Yes, not just a lead, he has a job. He applied yesterday. They interviewed & hired him on the spot.

My sister is looking for a house.

They will go back to Iowa next week so they can inform the church of their move, and he can give 2 weeks notice to his job, but he anticipates being told to not come back, at which point he will go to Ohio to start his new job, while my sis stays in Iowa and packs up the house.

I cannot thank you enough for interceding on my nephew's behalf. We got our miracle.

A huge thanks to everyone who prayed, send well wishes, and supported us in any way thru this time. I know it's not completely over yet, but... we got our miracle.

All glory to God.


Cwtch Cardiff said...

Just caught up on your last few post. GREAT NEWS. I an so glad to hear that he's doing better. He clearly has a great family around him who will help him on the rest of the journey.

So glad.

Melissa said...


'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

Oh happy day!!!
:) :) :)

Cyndy Bush said...

Incredible!! I'm so happy to read this. Continued blessings to your family!

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