Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Me and my Big Fat Belly

Mommy, I have a question.

What's that Baby?

Why you have a big, fat belly?

stutters} Well... I think it's because I ate too much. Why do you think I have a big, fat belly?

thinks a minute} I think that's just how it is.


looking down} My belly is just a little fat. Your belly is big & fat.

Your belly gets a little fat right after you eat, but when you haven't eaten, you're my skinny minny.

giggles} Will your belly always be big & fat?

Well... I'm trying to make it smaller.

{looks out the window}


I'll admit it, I burst out laughing when she first asked me the question. I was so taken by surprise.

After the conversation I really got to thinking about how I answered her questions. And for possibly the first time in her entire life, I struggle with how to address this with her.

Part of me wants to agree with her answer "that's just how it is". I want her to know that people come in all different shapes & sizes, and all of them are beautiful & worthy in their own way. But I also want to somehow acknowledge to her that my "big, fat belly" is not healthy. But at the same time, I don't want to instill some weight concern in my 3 year old. I don't want to end up with a 6 year old who's afraid to eat because mommy's belly got big & fat from eating too much.

But how do you successfully address all three perspectives in a way that a preschooler can understand?

I won't bring it up again, but I want to be prepared should she bring it up again.


Oh, and she's starting to lose her "little fat" belly. Not long ago I read an article that said most kids lose their post-meal belly by 4 years of age. Sure enough, Jason & I were just noting the other day that following a large meal, she barely had a belly at all, as opposed to the big ole Buddha belly she used to get after every meal.

One of those physically visible milestones of growing up that makes me simultaneously proud & happy for how she's growing up, and sad for... well, my baby growing up. I'm gonna miss that whole kitten-full-of-milk look.


374's Wife said...

This post made me giggle. I've had the same conversation with my now 7 year old son a few years back. He now thinks its fun to poke his finger in my "squishy" belly. Yes, thanks kid. You are 1/2 the reason for my "squishy" belly.

I stumbled across your blog tonight, and put your button on mine! Stop by and say hello sometime if you have the chance... Life Between the Tones (http://lifebetweenthetones.blogspot.com) Fairly new blog, but not a new blogger. A peak into our fire life, with some reviews thrown in! :) I will have a button within the next few weeks!

Brandie said...

Very funny! I have a nice, soft belly, too:)!

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