Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Not Just Another Blog Challenge #9 - What Occupation Have You Been Told You've Been Good At

I think the one that's been on my mind lately is Animal Behaviorist. Since I was a young child I connected with the animals around me, and loved pretty much all of them.

Sometimes I honestly wonder how I didn't end up with a job working with animals of some sort.

A friend recently told me it's never too late to find your passion and make a career out of it, and while I know it's true, and also kinda feel like working with animals will always be more of a hobby for me.

In the long run that will probably help keep it more enjoyable for me anyway.

What about you? What job have you been told you'd be good at? Are you doing it? Why or why not?

1 comment:

Amber said...

Teacher and Bartender....both require patience, humor, and an ability to simplify complex material. I am currently employed in both. Coincidence, I think not! =)

Seriously, I think whatever a persons finds satisfaction doing, they will be good at, and hopefully have the ability to pursue!

Great topic and post!

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