Friday, October 28, 2011

We Sure Do Love Those Cheeseburger Picnics

Thanks to the unpredictable weather in these parts, I keep indulging FireGirl's requests for a cheeseburger picnic, because each time I'm worried it'll be the last warm evening we have to do them.

She enjoys them so much, thinks they're such a treat. And once the cold weather sets in... they will stop. So I keep indulging her, for one "last" cheeseburger picnic.

And then we'll have a cold spell.

And then... we'll get one or two warm days, and we'll have another cheeseburger picnic.

Rinse. Repeat.

Oh well.


Melissa said...

Nothing wrong with that. One day you'll be glad you did as many cheeseburger picnics as you could while you could.

Great pics, she's so cute.

Marianne said...

Picnics are restricted to nice days at the park, they're just as much fun on the living room floor with a blanket spread out!

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