Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Visit to the WaterPark

Yes, we still live in Kentucky.  No, we are not on vacation. Yes, I am still catching up on sharing my pics with you    :P


I couldn't believe how brave she had gotten, how far she would wander away from us.

And I am still befuddled by the fact that she will run thru water fountains at the water park all day long with out even noticing the water on her face, but if she so much as gets one tiny drop of water anywhere near her face during bathtime, it's over. During bathtime I have to stand at-the-ready with a dry washcloth, all set to wipe her face dry should the teensiest spec of water dare to near her face.


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Doug said...
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Melissa said...

Too Cute! My kids love those places also!

Melani said...

I love the new look. I have been gone for a while, but I am back and loving reading blogs!

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