Monday, October 10, 2011

Not Just Another Blog Challenge

Not Just Another Blog Challenge

I know, I know... aren't there enough of these blog challenges floating around?

Yes, yes there are. But... quite frankly it seems like a lot of them ask the same things. Or some of the same things.

So a few months ago, I started making a list. Questions for a blog challenge of my own. Topics I've never seen in a blog challenge (not that I'm an expert or anything, just things I hadn't seen). Things I think might be interesting. Things that, if answered honestly, tell a bit about who a person really is.

When possible, pictures would be awesome.

Answer one question per blog post. As frequently as is convenient for you, but let's aim for answering at least one question per week, just to keep things flowing.

And please use the badge shown above to link back to this post, 'kay?

Hope you'll play along!

Here's the list:


3. your first job (doesn't include chores)

5. something you side-eye (something you're judgy about)

7. something you struggle with

8. your past significant others (does not include "just dated", but those you would classify as an actual relationship)

(ie what makes you want it)

18. oldest clothes in your closet (that you still wear)


Mrs E said...

SO... wait... do you want this all as ONE blog post or over a series of posts?
Im totally game to play. Just wanna do it right!

Jodi said...

Sorry, a series of posts please! I'll edit it to clarify!

Melani said...

I would love to participate! when do we begin? do we link back to your blog? or just post on a topic?

Jene said...

Sounds fun! I'm in!

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