Monday, July 18, 2011

Over Five Years Ago...

this is pretty much where he was standing
when I pulled up & first saw him
I met Jason. In person.

We met online, and - breaking all the rules I'd set for myself - when he called me just two days later & asked me to meet him at a park, I agreed.

We walked the walking trail around the park (around... three miles ?), then sat on a bench in the dugout of the baseball field until dark (ie. the park closed).

The walking part is funnier when you realize I was still recovering from back surgery and couldn't really walk properly. But being in that don't-want-to-mess-up-a-good-thing mode of a new love potential, didn't say anything. And walked the entire trail. Stooped forward just a little. And in moderate pain by the end.

Since neither of us had had dinner, we drove to a nearby Skyline Chili restaurant for dinner, and ended up closing that place out (11pm).

We hugged goodbye, and parted ways.

All-in-all we spent over six hours together that night, talking. Talking about each other, our families, our past, and even what we wanted from a relationship.

Two days later we had our first official "date".

And the rest, as they say... is history.

I love you, Jason!

** all pics were taken  this year, on our "we met anniversary"


Cyndy Bush said...

I met my hubby online, too. =)
Happy Anniversary!

Steph{anie} said...

I'm getting caught up on all my blog reading {sorry I've been so neglectful!}.

LOVE this post! When we get together next, I want to hear more about this story.

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