Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea


I'm tired. Overslept this morning.


Busy weekend ahead. Comedy club with some friends tonight. Work tomorrow, then a party tomorrow night. Church on Sunday, then another party Sunday night. All good stuff, but just thinking about it is making me tired.


I'm working tomorrow because I've been behind on several major projects for... months.
}And management kept asking me what I needed to get caught up, and I keep telling them that they need to either:
a) approve me to work overtime, or
b) hire an assistant (we got rid of ours a couple years ago due to budget cuts, and now I do both jobs)
They kept telling me it wasn't necessary. I kept getting farther behind. Guess they finally listened.


I have two three four trips I need to plan. But I have no idea when I'll manage to do them. Not to mention how I'll pay for them.



I really miss having a summer break. And since I worked every summer since I was ...17? 16? I guess I'm flashing back at least... crap. Let's not go there. Let's just say I really miss that summer break.

Getting my hair cut next weekend. Can't decide how. Just shorter. I like my hair long, but it's longer now than it's been in... well, over five years, since Jason has never seen me with my hair this long. And it's gotten to that point where it takes forever to try to style it (like I'm gonna take the time), and if I don't brush it every couple of hours it gets stringy looking, so I pretty much just wear a ponytail every day.

So, I'm getting it cut off. Short (for me). I'm thinking just above the shoulders. But I'm drawing a blank on styles. And I'm thinking about maybe having it colored just a tad darker. Nothing crazy, just a little change. Whatcha think?


Here's a fairly recent headshot (after I cropped Jason out, LOL) for reference.


That was way more about my hair than I anticipated. Maybe I should have done an actual posting on it instead of putting it in my Fragments.


In case you didn't see my little button, after months (yes, actually months, because I'm neurotic like that) of thought, I finally joined the world of Twitter.

I tried to find as many of my bloggie friends as I could & follow you, but... wasn't really successful at finding that many of you. But maybe you're not even on Twitter, so...

Whatever. If you're on Twitter & wanna follow me, you should.

Now I'm just babbling. Whatever. I already told ya I was tired. Cut me some slack.

Have a great weekend!


mimbles said...

I think I'm getting tired just reading about your weekend plans!

Twitter is great, I get withdrawals from tweeting when I'm off the grid :-)

Unknown said...

I have become increasingly fond of Twitter ... it's on my Droid, which is probably part of it (then again, so is Facebook ... this is probably why my life is kind of boring ;-))

I hope your haircut turns out well. I'm in that awkward early/mid 30s awkward stage where long hair is too long, but you don't want to go SHORT, so I'm kind of curious to hear what styles people suggest. My last haircut looked amazing when the hairdresser did it, but I'm very low-maintenance, so I never did anything to it.

Mrs E said...

I keep intending on participating in your Friday Fragments because its so cool and would allow me to spew out all of my intended blog topics...

One day I'll do it! One day!

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