Saturday, June 11, 2011

Blogging on my own laptop, from home

I don't think I've ever done this.

I've blogged from home on FireMan's laptop before, on rare occasions, but not my own.

So here I am, on a lazy Saturday morning, home ALONE, blogging from my laptop.

Work blocked the blogger picture-add page, and since I do most of my blogging on work breaks, if I want to have pics in my post I'll have to either upload them to another site & then write the HTML, or... start blogging more from home. You know, in my spare time.

Except right now this, my new laptop, is void of any software except what it came with. Which is... nothing. And while I don't do much photo editing, I do like to at least crop & compress the pics before I upload them to the internet.

I also need to get a mouse. I'm not very good at the little pad thingie on the laptop, and have a habit of accidentally deleting everything I just did (thank you Blogger auto-save)

Yes, I said I'm home ALONE.

I have my MRI today at 12noon, and FireMan is on shift today, which meant I didn't have anyone to watch FireGirl. Since my parents were watching her yesterday anyway, they graciously kept her overnight for me.

Why would I schedule an MRI on a day when I had FireGirl & FireMan wasn't home? I didn't. When I left my doctor's office they had said they would call me back later to schedule the appointment. Okay. Then three days ago I get a voicemail saying that MRI is Saturday, at 12noon, at such-and-such location.

Um... okay...

I'm sure if it were a major problem I probably could have called & rescheduled, but I still thought that was an odd way to do it. To schedule an appointment without even talking to the patient about days/times.

Anyway, my parents watching FireGirl also afforded FireMan & I a date night last night. Which didn't go as well as planned, but was still nice to have time alone together.

We ate at Abuelo's. Not the best experience. If I had my reviews page set up, I'd tell you about it, LOL.

And then... I got hit my a stomach virus. While still at the restaurant. We were gonna try to go somewhere else after, but... I decided maybe we should just head home. Ended up being a good decision. We barely made it home before it struck full force.

Not to gross anyone out or anything, but this is the weirdest stomach virus I've ever had, but I've had it twice. Back in March, and now.
I feel fine, until I eat. Once I eat, I get VERY sick. Very, unpleasantly ill.

So I've had it for about three days now. It's so weird. I mean, seriously, you feel just fine, absolutely great even. Until you eat. And within 30-60 minutes... you have a no-good situation.

It's just so weird.

And I'm hungry. But I'm not supposed to eat or drink before my MRI anyway, so... I guess that's that.

After my MRI I'm gonna grab some lunch (I guess - I really am hungry! but I'm also a little scared!), and then do some shopping. I was gonna head straight to pick up FireGirl, but we figured out by the time I got done & drove up there she'll probably be taking her nap anyway, so... shopping it is.
Sorry for so many random updates.

Have been super-busy at work, and used up my breaks with FireGirl's new preschool situation (it's the child care provided by my workplace) this week, so didn't have much time to get on & write.

So far we love this new preschool. Things are going really well. I'll try to write a separate post on that later.

Have a great weekend.

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