Tuesday, September 14, 2010


That's been the main focus the past two days. The trench for the line is dug, and the old cistern has been pumped dry. Today the plumber came out to get some measurements, and tomorrow the line should be laid. Then we have to have it inspected, and notify the county so they can come out and perform the actual hookup.

I can't wait to have running water.

The cable guy came out today, and said they might not be able to hook us up for cable. Apparently we really are that far off the beaten path (LOL!). After some negotiations, and calling his boss, they're supposed to come back out tomorrow.

I can't wait to get these renovations done. The stress of being homeless (ie. shuffled between family members & not seeing her parents as much as before) is beginning to show on FireGirl. I feel horrible not being with her - as guilty as much as I just miss her! - but I also know that the more time we can spend working on the house, the sooner we can get all moved in and be back to normal.

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