Thursday, September 9, 2010

Catching Up (LONG, but includes some drama)

We did indeed close on both houses last Friday. And moved. Were completely out of our old house by 1am Saturday.

Started renovations on Saturday. I worked on patching the innumerable holes in the walls of FireGirl's bedroom, while FireMan & his dad installed our new front door. Plus multiple trips to Home Depot and Lowe's, LOL.

Sunday I continued working on FireGirl's bedroom (seriously, there are a ridiculous number of holes in the walls). FireMan began tearing out FireGirl's bathroom (really the main bathroom, but we're treating it as "hers").

Monday FireMan continued tearing out FireGirl's bathroom, while FireGirl and I attended a family picnic. I got in a couple hours of re-patching the deeper holes.

Tuesday was FireGirl's first day of preschool. In-between dropping her off & picking her up, we continued renovations. After picking her up from preschool we headed to Home Depot to purchase bathroom fixtures.

And then... it happened.

FireGirl was cranky and kept trying to climb out of the cart, so we decided to let her out while we looked at the bathroom items they had on display in the front of the store. FireGirl loves to wash her hands. She's no more than three feet from me as I see her stand on her tippy toes trying to reach the faucets on one of the display vanities.

And she pulls it down on top of her. The whole vanity.

I'm sure it happened in seconds, but in my mind the whole thing was in slow motion, and I still don't know how I didn't get there fast enough. I was so close. How did I not stop it?

Praise Jesus! the sink fell out of the vanity top and just missed her head. The vanity itself landed on one of her legs, but I think maybe partly / mostly on my arm. So maybe I did get there in time.

It's such a blur. In my head I see it land on her leg, yet she has not one scratch, bruise or mark on her, and I have a large painful bruise on my forearm. So maybe I did get there in time.

Sorry for the rambling, I'm actually just realizing this as I'm writing.

Her medic daddy checks her out, and confirms that she is fine, just really super-scared. The people that work there were awesome with us, and once we got her calmed down they offered her popcorn, a sucker, and a balloon.

By coincidence, FireMan's parents were actually on their way to meet us at the store & pick her up so we could get some real work done at the house. So once she calmed down FireMan took her out to meet his parents.

While I was waiting for him to get back, I went back to the scene of the incident. There were two identical vanities next to each other. Well, only one now since they removed the one that fell on her. I leaned on the other one. Pulled on it. I couldn't make it budge. So my guess is that they really do secure their displays, but for whatever reason the very one she wanted to wash her hands with was the one that wasn't secured properly.

After FireMan returned we continued shopping. I was still shaken up, and kept tearing up as we walked. Then I realized my knee was killing me. Yeah, mommy's dive into the concrete floor in an effort to save her baby left a painful mark. I guess the adrenalin kept me from feeling it earlier. FireMan suggested taking me to the hospital to get checked out, but I was pretty sure it wasn't broken or anything major, so we just kept shopping.

So... back to shopping. We left Home Depot with four carts full of merchandise. Almost everything we'll need for both bathrooms, plus some tile flooring for the kitchen that was an awesome deal. Oh, and paint because their deal on paint was only for one more day. I've honestly never bought that much stuff at one setting in my life.

So... back to the house. FireMan and his dad installed the new patio doors, and continued tearing things out.

Yesterday I worked, and when I got to the house FireMan & his dad had successfully torn out the wall dividing the living room, kitchen, and fireplace room. It's awesome! We can really start seeing what it will look like. Don't have to depend on our imagination so much any more, LOL. They also had managed to tear out most of the old flooring. We ended the night with yet another visit to Home Depot.

So... that's the brief rundown of what we've done so far. I'm sure I'm forgetting a ton of things, but you get the idea.

Thanks for checking in!


Melissa said...

Keep up the good work can't wait to see pictures! And I'm glad to hear FireGirl is OK, hope your knee feels better soon.

Fire Wife said...

Thanks! My knee is actually all better already. Well, it LOOKS painful, but no pain at all anymore. In fact that same day, it got better & better as the day wore on. Thanks again!

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