Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Why am I trying to get noticed?

Because I feel like no one notices me. Sometimes I feel invisible. No one sees me. Not even my husband.

I've tried dressing up. No one notices.

I've tried dressing down. No one notices.

I've tried fixing my hair nicely. No one notices.

And yesterday, when I realized while driving to work that I hadn't combed my hair yet, I decided to try an experiment, and not comb it at all.

And so I didn't. All day. Brushed the tangles out last night before I went to bed. But other than that, did nothing to my hair all day. Didn't comb it. Didn't pull it back. Nothing.

And no one seemed to notice.

Not even my husband.

I am curious. What will it take for someone to notice me?

I guess we shall see.

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