Friday, August 27, 2010

Whew! Busy week. And not done yet!

Okay, you already know how Sunday, Monday, & Tuesday went.

Wednesday I got into a fight with our realtor, and was stressing the whole day about getting our loan docs in in time, inspections on our current home, etc. Plus my laptop decided to die. Again.  So frustrating. Especially when you need that laptop to send docs to your bank.

Wednesday night we had tickets to see the Wiggles. I was so stressed, got home late, we ended up hitting the McDonald's drive thru and eating on the road, something we never do with FireGirl.

That show ended up being my saving grace that night. Well, the show and my family. We had a wonderful time. FireGirl loved it. FireMan even had a good time. And it was the first real all-together-family-time we'd had in what seems like forever. Much needed. My stresses melted away in the giggles of my little girl. Life couldn't be any better.

I haven't been that happy, that satisfied, that heart-so-full-of-love-it's-overflowing in a long time.


So... back to the real world on Thursday. Continued working to get everything ready for both closings. Starting to realize there's a possibility we might close on the sale of our current home before we close on the purchase of our new home. Scary. Had to leave work early to go to a funeral visitation 90 minutes away. We were planning to stay for the service as well, but got concerned about FireGirl's ability to sit still that long, and so left. I'm glad we did. As it is we didn't get home until nearly 9pm, her bedtime. And she absolutely needed a bath. Finally manage to get her in bed, and find FireMan already in bed. He's not feeling well.

I'm exhausted, so I decide I'm just gonna go to bed too. We're all in bed before 10pm. And probably snoring soundly.

Today's been pretty normal. I have a new laptop. I/S has decided the problem is that I visit Facebook. Which I know is a load of crap because then everyone's laptop would be doing the same thing, but whatever. I cross-my-heart promise them that I won't go to Facebook anymore. Work's been pretty busy. Still getting loan docs together for the bank. Definitely not closing today. Buyer on our current home still wants to close next Tuesday, so there's a real possibility that we'll be technically homeless next week. Looking into storage units.

And... that's it for now. Anticipating another busy weekend. Looking forward to all this real estate schtuff to be over.

Thanks for checking in!

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Gina said...

Wow - TGIF!!! Hope your weekend is fun!

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