Thursday, August 19, 2010

Opening My Eyes

"Like me, women who feel invisible don't automatically see others. I guess I concentrated so hard on my own invisibility that I was blind to anyone else's. I couldn't see all the other women around me who have similar feelings and share the same pain. But God sees. And although I feel invisible, I'm really not. This has opened my eyes to many other invisible people living, breathing, and struggling around me. The world has come alive with invisible people."
page 61

The problem with being invisible, is that the invisibility comes with a heavy dose of loneliness. And much like the lonely, you feel like you are the only one. You are invisible, while everyone around you is not. But that's just not the case. Many of us feel invisible. And if you think about it for just a minute, I bet you can think of someone around you who might just be invisible to you. I know I did. Have you seen them lately? They might just feel invisible themselves, desparate for someone just to see them.

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