Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dear HelpDesk:

My new-to-me laptop has died. Again. This is my fourth laptop in two months. I have two requests for you:

#1 - don't treat me like an idiot when I call to report the problem. When you ask me to try a fix, and I tell you I've already tried that, don't treat me like I'm lying and ask me to do it again while you're on the phone. All that does is waste time & tick me off.

#2 - will you please listen to me re: what I think is the problem? I know, you keep telling me you're quite sure that's not the problem, because there's no reasonable, well, reason that would be the problem. But you also haven't been able to figure anything else out. And contrary to what you seem to think, I am not actually a moron. I might be wrong, but I'm also thinking that after killing four laptops, wouldn't it be worth a shot to just try my idea?

Just a thought.

Now, please don't ever talk to me like I'm stupid again. And have a nice day.

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