Saturday, July 15, 2017

Dreams and Schemes and Marriage

Recently one of my acquaintances was lamenting what she saw as a completely unrealistic plan her husband had for their family. She kept trying to explain to him why it wouldn't work, he kept getting mad at her for not considering it.

The discussion we had led me to think back through our relationship.

I'm reminded of some of the crazy schemes Jason & I have come up with thru the years. Some of them are pretty out there. The craziest one, in my eyes anyway, was when he told me he wanted to move to Haiti to run a farm. Seriously. Haiti. Look up the disease & crime rates on that one and think about moving there with your toddler. That was absolutely ridiculous to me. But I looked into it and thought about it, and discussed it with him anyway.

Haiti never came to fruition. In fact, 99% of our dreams & schemes don't pan out, whether they're his, mine, or ours. But you know what? Dreaming together can be so much fun. We've gone to look at land somewhere so many times I've lost count. We've gotten on the computer and looked at property on the other side of the country and talked about what would happen if we bought it sight unseen. I've googled the rates of disease in various foreign countries he wanted to move to. Jason & I have discussed how we would go about selling all of our worldly possessions. We've gone to open houses for homes we'd likely never buy.

We're actually in the midst of dreaming thru a crazy scheme right now. This one's been going on for months. We've both read articles & blogs, watched YouTube videos, even gone window-shopping for some things we'd need. I've done the math on our finances to see how feasible it is, did some more math to see what else we could do to increase the feasibility. It's a pretty big one. Possibly our craziest one yet. And we are both totally on board.

Not going public with our idea yet, although if it does eventually work out we will totally be inviting ya'll on our journey. But not yet. I did mention it in passing to my parents. They thought I was joking. Literally thought I was making a joke, so I let the subject pass. For now.

Jason & I have talked and dreamed together, window-shopped for our lives together, and we've had so much fun doing it. And I believe our marriage is stronger for it.

So the next time your spouse comes to you with an idea that seems a little "out there", give it a chance. Maybe it'll happen, maybe it won't, but I don't think you'll regret giving them the benefit of a doubt and dreaming together for a little while. Who knows? You may even come to love the idea.

As always, thanks for checking in!

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