Monday, May 23, 2016

Okay, so I'm flaky sometimes...

Remember back in February when I told you I was quitting this blog? I changed my mind. Sort of. That whole Jodi Speaks thing was fine, but ends up maybe I just needed to feel heard, because after maybe 5 posts I was done.

But I still missed blogging. This blog.

There was only one problem. I don't want to be KyFireWife anymore. I don't know, I just don't want my entire identity wrapped up in where I live, my husband's job, and my spousal status. It just seems so... I don't know. I just needed something more me.

So now, I introduce to you Everyday Nothings. Basically a continuation of the same blog. Mostly. Maybe. Whatever. Sometimes things change.

Why the name "Everyday Nothings"? Because it's the little everyday nothings that eventually make up this great big thing called life.

And that's me. Like it or leave it, sometimes I change my mind.

If you found this, thanks for reading. Hope to see you in my new digs.

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