Thursday, May 14, 2015

Stop Skipping Rocks into the Lake of Fire

I'm tired of this watered down Christianity. I'm tired of being told everyone can just come as they are and be as they are and stay as they are.

Yes, come as you are. Jesus accepts you as you are, wherever you are, however you are, He meets you in your place.

But He does not expect you to stay there.

Come as you are. Don't stay as you are. Don't be as you are. Grow. Change. Repent.

If you don't want to change, don't need to change, don't need a Saviour, then why are you coming? You NEED a Saviour. And as much as He says to come "just as you are" He also tells you to "Go and sin no more".

This doesn't mean that Christians are perfect. No one is expecting perfection. But I also don't believe our Saviour died on the Cross for you to continue to wallow in the mud-pit of your sin. He didn't die for your sin so you could enjoy the temporary satisfaction that comes from living in your sin right now, He died for your sins so you could forego that life, you could break free from your sins, you can experience life more abundantly than you've ever known here on this earth, and then when the time is come you can live with Him forever in Eternity! Can I get a witness?!?

I am sick and tired of hearing my fellow Christians telling people they don't have to change, they can come as they are. It's certainly true if you are addressing a lost person, asking them to meet Jesus, Jesus will meet them where they are no matter what. But for those of us who claim to be in Christ? He has called us to something higher, something more.

I am tired of feeling good. I am bored of being told I'm fine because the person next to me is sinning too, and we're all sinners, and no one is better than anyone else, so I should just be fine with it.

That's right... I'm tired of feeling good. I long to be stretched. Challenged. My God calls me to be better than I was before. Better today than I was yesterday. Better yesterday than I was last year. I am tired of sitting stagnant in the mediocrity of lukewarm Christianity.  I'm not trying to be better than you. I'm trying to be better than me. I'm on my journey.

But I want you to be better too. God has called you to so much more than continuing in a life of sin. God has called you to be so much more and it saddens me to see you content to wallow in your sin and your comfort and your pride, refusing to let go of what you know is keeping you from knowing Him more deeply, simply because it's comfortable, because it feels good.

My Saviour was beaten and scarred, and bled and hung on a cross and died to save us from the pits of Hell! To save us from the burning Lake of Fire! Why do we insist on skipping rocks from its shores?!?

Do you not know from where you have been saved? Do you not realize the eternity you have been rescued from? Do you not know that you are more than you are doing right now? Why do you insist on living your old life? Lay down your sins. Lay them down.

Will it be scary? Maybe. Will it be uncomfortable? Probably. Will you regret it? Never!

I am tired of pretending that I'm okay. I am sick, so I need the Healer. I am broken, so I need made Whole. I am tired, so I need Rest. When we pretend that we are okay, when we trick ourselves into believing that we are okay, we cheat ourselves out of the miraculous Power that God has to transform our lives. We settle for a brand of cheap imitation Christianity instead of the cost of the real thing, for as much as it cost Christ His life, it costs us ours as well. We cannot claim to be in Christ and continue in our old lives day after day. Either we have never truly accepted Christ as our Saviour and Lord, or we are spending each day in torment as we are convicted by the Holy Spirit.

My fellow Christians, I beg of you to examine your life. Are you holding on to sin? Have you convinced yourself that you're okay, when deep down you know you're not? Let us stop playing in the dirt like the children we were and begin living our lives as the men & women that God has called us to be.

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