Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What's on my...

vanity:We don't have a vanity in either bathroom
In our master bath, the only things on the sink are the hand soap and a cup for drinking water.
In the hallway bathroom, soap, cup, plus toothbrush holder.

perennial to-do list:
cleaning! Laundry, dishes, tidying up, floors, etc, etc, etc. Always.

refrigerator shelves:I badly need to go grocery shopping, so not much. Some Bob Evans sides. Milk. Jello. I think that's it.

itinerary:eat dinner, take Jena to Vacation Bible School, go grocery shopping, pick Jena up, nighttime routine

playlist:What's a playlist? Get off my lawn!

nightstand:we don't have one. Jason is opposed to them, believing they only exist to become cluttered with junk

workout plan:bwahahahahahahaha!

iPhone:Psshht. Apple. My Galaxy I just got, so not much. Candy Crush. Facebook. Netflix. Pictures.

top 5 list:Top 5 what? I'm confused. I'm gonna go with top 5 dogs to add to our pack, because that's what's on my mind lately: Anatolian Shepherd, Kangal, Great Pyrenees. Yeah, I really only have three.

bucket list:So long. Dive with sharks. Heck, dive in the ocean at all. Visit Hawaii, Europe, Alaska. Dive the Great Barrier Reef. Own a new car (like an actually new car, not just new to me). See a Broadway show on Broadway.

mind:why am I so tired lately?

blogroll:Like who I read? Okay, here are a few:
A Yellow Rose of Texas
Crazy Texas Mommy
The Bloggess
Burgh Baby
Crappy Pictures
Misconceptions about Conception
Fire Wife Katie
Living that Life

walls of your favorite room in the house:
right now it's one wall in my living room. Flat screen television mounted, family pic on one side, Jena's school pic on the other. Love.

last credit card statement:
payment + interest. We haven't used a credit card in a couple of years, but are still paying on our home renovations :(

TV every night:Netflix. Current osession is Rescue Me.

Hope you enjoyed!

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Melissa said...

I enjoyed.

My bathroom vanity is like you said about nightstands. We used to have a pedestal sink and I said never again, I need area! But now the area is so filled with this and that I can't even use it. Ugh.

I do have a bedside table, but I keep it cleaned off pretty religiously. It only has a lamp, my clock-radio, the tv remote, and kleenex on it. And underneath it I keep my protection.
LOL, not *that* crime deterrent.

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

I love that this tells me you are a fellow non-clutterbug!

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