Wednesday, July 24, 2013


I wanted to post this when it first happened, as a prayer request, but I didn't have access for a couple of days. Then she was improving so quickly, it lost it's urgency.

But the truth is, prayers are still needed. Lots of them. And so I'm calling on my prayer warriors once again.


Two weeks ago my 19 year old niece was in a serious car accident. She was in the backseat, riding with a couple of friends, when they were t-boned by an SUV. There may or may not have been a semi involved (there are conflicting reports). The vehicle that hit them was estimated to be travelling at 70 mph at time of impact.

The driver was treated and released for minor injuries. We haven't heard from her since she was released. According to her twitter feed she is back to work and shopping for a new car.

The passenger is being treated for a skull fracture, and remembers nothing of the accident. She remains hospitalized.

My niece was brought in unconscious as a Jane Doe. She had no ID on her, and so hospital staff had to wait until the driver could identify her to notify family. She was brought in with a serious concussion, internal bleeding, a fractured vertebrae, broken ribs, and broken thumb.

Once a scan revealed no signs of brain damage, the internal bleeding was the most serious problem. However, within 36 hours it appeared that the bleeding had stopped.

Because of where they are, her vertebrae & ribs cannot be set. Her thumb is still so swollen that it cannot be set.

Perhaps more troubling is that she does have brain damage after all. Once her internal bleeding stopped, they moved her to a rehab facility. The neuro team there said essentially that her brain bounced around inside her head and is bruised "everywhere".

She still cannot remember anything from that entire day. She struggles to remember her name or to perform basic math problems. She cannot stand or walk. She cannot lean forward. She has no emotion, and is apathetic towards everything. She does not feel hunger, and does not care to eat. She has short term memory loss, and also seems to have a difficult time grasping new information.

The neuro team says that this is all normal considering her type of injury. They say her prognosis is actually very good, it's just going to take "a really long time" for her brain to heal from the bruising.

And now they think the internal bleeding has started again (why would it start again if she spends all her time in a hospital bed? is it possible that it never stopped? how do they even know this stuff anyway?).

In addition, they have discovered that the muscles of her hip have separated away from the bone and herniated. I don't really understand all the technicalities of this, but she will need surgery to have any hope of normal function. Unforunately the surgeon says her body is still too traumitized to withstand any non-life-saving surgery at this time. So they are looking at performing the surgery in the next 4 - 6 weeks, depending on her recovery.

To be honest, I try not to think about it too much. Because when I do, I end up crying.

Although the doctors say her long-term prognosis is good, it's still very scary. So scary. First we pleaded with God for her life, now we plead for her to return to "normal".

I hate that word. But I don't know what else to use.

I ask you to plead with me, asking God to continue to heal her body, for her to regain function, and for this entire experience to be used, in some way, to bring glory to His name, to draw her closer to Him.



'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

My goodness, this is so sad and yet I can feel the hope that resides between the lines.
I will pray for your niece.

Megan said...

I am praying right now. I will continue to pray for her and the rest of your family. May you be able to rest in Christ's peace right now. He loves you and wants to put His arms around all of you!

Estes Family Blog said...

Wow! I'm in total shock right now. The other driver (who is so lucky as to return to a normal life, seems was at fault.) We're there no charges? She's just allowed to have no consequences and go on with life as tho nothing happened?
We will be praying for your niece and the other passenger. If you give me their names I will add them to the prayer list at church.

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