Sunday, July 14, 2013

Guest Post: Filing Insurance Claims

As you may (or may not) realize, I unfortunately have had way too much experience filing insurance claims. Whether it was related to medical bills stemming from my car accident, or as part of my job when I first started working at a dermatology office, filing insurance claims has always been just so. much. fun. for me. (please tell me you get the sarcasm there).

So when Hannah from My Claim Source asked if she could do a guest post about the difficulty of filing an insurance claim, I thought, why not? Maybe it'll help one of my readers out some day. So let's all give Hannah a big welcome:


Filing an insurance claim, be it health, car, home, or workers comp, is exhausting and no doubt a daunting task especially for those who have never done it before. Most people are intimidated to do so not only because of utter lack of information, but just the amount of work - tons of paperwork, a lot of going back and forth with different people, long frustrating hours on the phone - will just about send anyone running for the hills.

Well, it shouldn't be like that. If you have all the necessary information to back you up and if you know the correct person to talk to, then it wouldn't be as complicated as it needs to be. is an open resource for consumers looking for information on how to file a claim. You will find insurance providers’ contact information (phone, email address, mailing address, and website address listed on the site), tips and tricks, even discounts certain providers offer. The site also aims to be an open forum to connect those looking to file claims with people who already have, and who may be able to offer tips and advice on claim filing with a given provider.

Drop by anytime and find the information you need on filing a claim. will be able to help individuals make an informed decision and make the no-fun task of filing insurance claims a little easier.


As always, thanks for checking in!

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