Thursday, July 18, 2013

Article: Nine Signs that you Might be an Introvert

One of my dear friends recently shared this on my Facebook. I can totally, totally relate. Check it out.

Nine Signs that you Might be an Introvert

Here are the statements from this article that I most identify with. I say "most" because, really, all of it.

"I tend to get a little overwhelmed and shut down in large groups."Yep. Drives the hubs a tad be crazy that the gal who will talk his ear off when we're alone will completely shut down when we're out. o-v-e-r-w-h-e-l-m-e-d.

"Being alone is an activity to me..."Absolutely. It took Jason a little while to figure out that me having some alone time, with him on shift and Jena with a family member is necessary to my sanity. I'm not doing "nothing". I'm saving myself.

"Every introvert knows the exquisite joy of slipping away... and into the bathroom, where you can close the door and let your brain settle down."And now I need to call my dad and explain why I took long showers all those years. I also distinctly remember taking insanely long showers the year I lived in the dorms at college. It was the only place I could go to be by myself. The only one.

"We're not minglers."Give me a purpose, a role, something I actually have to talk about? I'm good. Ask me to just randomly mingle with folks socially? Probably not going to happen.  So awkward.

"Any attrition in our friendships can be a problem because replacing an intimate is difficult." Preach it. While I have hundreds of acquaitances, I have very few friends. And I've blogged before about how they all moved away. And even though two of them moved back, I hate to say we haven't quite reconnected on the same level that we were before. I am currently in a situation where the one intimate friend I have the most contact with lives over 120 miles away.

"I don't need to join the fun. For me, watching is the fun." Throughout the years I think this is one of my biggest pet peeves. I'd be sitting there, all happy, watching everyone have a great time, having a great time watching everyone have a great time, and some well-meaning extrovert would approach me and ask what's wrong. My quizzical face or response would be met with them telling me how something must be wrong because I'm not joining in. On occasion this would lead to an argument because they would insist that there was something was wrong that I wasn't telling them, while I insisted that there was nothing wrong. Once in a while, they would leave, angry with me for not telling them what was wrong.
Seriously. This scene has played out numerous times in my life since childhood. I could write the script.
You know what's wrong with me? YOU. I was having a great time, enjoying myself here in the sidelines, until you came up and informed me that something must be wrong with me, then proceeded to hound me about it until we were both actually upset. Geesh!


What about you, dear readers? Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Care to share a story?


'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

After reading this, I got to thinking and I ended up taking a quiz which revealed that I am an ambi-vert! Good gracious, is there nothing normal about me?!
But seriously, I do have aspects of both. On the surface I am certainly more extroverted. However, I cannot stand to be the center of attention- so much so that I knew I could not have a wedding and happily eloped. I am super social and yet often end up feeling like I just don't fit in. I guess the best thing is to never assume that we know what other people are thinking or feeling!

Tamara Camera said...

I think I'm an ambi-vert but I really can't tell. Probably more intovert with a few extrovert qualities too. said...

I am a semi-introvert. I enjoy being alone and crowds sometimes overwhelm me.

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