Sunday, June 30, 2013

Rescue Me

I am currently working my way thru the show "Rescue Me" via Streaming Netflix.

And I love it.

While Jason's department isn't nearly as busy as, say, a New York City fire house, there is plenty about this show that I relate to.

One of my favorite things to do while watching it is to randomly ask him questions about his job.

Things like:

You don't really go into a burning building with your masks off, then put them on once you're in the heat of the fire do you? No.

Why is everyone walking around on shift in their civvies? Shouldn't they be in uniform?

Do you guys get warming covers to put over your food in case you're called out while eating?

Do you think big departments like New York really have their own giant office building for administrative personnel? with their own doctors & everything? Probably.
That's just a small sampling of the completely random things I ask my firefighter while watching this show.

I've totally gotten sucked into the storyline, and am loving it.


What about you? Are there any shows that you've just been sucked into? What's your current favorite?


Marianne said...

Just got turned onto Downton Abbey. Since I'm not much of a history buff, I didn't think I would like it...wrong! We've watched the first 3 seasons in a matters of weeks. Now we have to wait until January for the new season to start. I think it's on Netflix, too.

Only Prettier said...

I never can get past season four....I walk away and start over get to a certain part...over and over....I wonder if I will ever make it through!

Megan said...

We watched that a bit and are hooked on Chicago Fire. It's hilarious watching it with my FF because he has to point out how wrong everything is... or how right! haha

Melanie said...

Like Marianne, I got sucked into Downton Abbey, but I'm also loving Game of Thrones. I stumbled upon it and it's not a show I would have sought out, but wow, it's amazing! I love all of the fierce female characters.

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