Thursday, June 20, 2013

My Fat Butt: Answers

Well, I had my labs run and saw my endocrinologist.

I was right, my pituitary system is all jacked up.

While my sugar levels were still okay, I am beginning to show signs of insulin resistance, and my body is back to living on starvation mode. Everything I eat it tries to store. No big surprise there.

What I was surprised by is a few other results. My testosterone is low. Two other levels (and I cannot remember what they're called to save my life) indicate that at this point I probably am not ovulating at all. His actual words were "I would be shocked if you were ovulating at this point."

When I told him about my miscarriage three months ago, he said that these levels would also explain an inability to carry a pregnancy to term.

So... at least I have answers now, right?

He said one of our options would be just what I mentioned in my last Fat Butt post: stop trying, go back on my previous meds, when my levels return to normal and I'm at a happy weight, then we start trying again. But he also confirmed my fears: once I stopped the meds & the birth control, we'd likely repeat the pattern I was already in.

While we are trying to conceive, we have limited options, due to the dangers of many medications during pregnancy. But we're gonna try one of of our options.

He's starting me on Victoza. It's a diabetes medication that he hopes will regulate my insulin and GLP levels, and that once those levels return to normal the others will (hopefully) fall into place.

There are a few issues with me taking this med though:

First of all, I'm not really thrilled about giving myself an injection in the abdomen every day. And when the nurse told me to try to avoid injecting into stretch marks, I just laughed. That doesn't leave many options on my belly. But really, this is no big deal.

Secondly, because it's a diabetes medication and I am not only not diabetic, but my blood sugar trends toward hypoglycemia (low), I need to check my sugar periodically to make sure it's not dipping too low. So now I have my very own brand new blood glucose monitor.

Stabbing myself in the stomach AND pricking my finger?!? Who wouldn't love that?

Joking aside, I'm hopeful we're on the path to getting things sorted out. I guess only time will tell.

As always, thanks for checking in!

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