Tuesday, April 16, 2013



Had sharp pain in my extreme lower abdomen (right above groin area) again today. An hour later, bleeding again.

My initial thought was, again, implantation. But... twice in 3 days? Not likely, right?

I tried googling it, and came with everything from pregnant, pregnant with twins, ectopic pregnancy, to cancer.

Clearly, I'm dying.

This is why you shouldn't google your symptoms. Really.

All I know is the pain was bad enough for me to double over and nearly fall off my chair. But it only last a second. And then the bleeding about an hour later.

Maybe some mild cramping for a few hours as well, but nothing of note really.

All I know is... ouch!


374's Wife said...

OUCH! I had some pretty weird stomach pain toward the end of my 5 years on my Mirena a few months ago. I googled, and thought I was dying as well. I hope you find relief soon!

Marianne said...

Maybe just a quick call to your doctor is in order. My first pregnancy was ectopic and that sounds like some of the symptoms I had. I assumed I wasn't pregnant because I was bleeding. I was bleeding internally and could have been in serious trouble if I hadn't acted on it. The pain was eventually what made me go the E.R.

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