Wednesday, April 3, 2013

On to try again next month

First cycle = negative

Not surprised. I mean, first cycle, really?

I was wondering though, to be honest. I've had some "symptoms" of pregnancy, except I also know that most of them can also be attributed to the fact that I just suddenly stopped hormonal birth control. So no biggie.

What did have me wondering is the waves of nausea that I've experienced daily for the past week. Like right now as I type this. And the fact that no food ever sounds good. I force myself to eat, but would really be happy living on popsicles, if I could get away with it. So far that's the only thing that doesn't make me want to throw up thinking about it.

Today I'm gonna try Jello, to see if that works as well. I feel like I can get away with Jello moreso than popsicles. I mean, what am I gonna do, put a box of popsicles in the community freezer at work? Eat one for dinner at home when I tell Jena she can't have any until after her dinner? Isn't very practical.

Tomorrow was the worst, and I came very close to leaving work because of it.

But the there's also some sickness going around as well, so maybe I'm trying to get sick? Although you'd think after a week I'd either actually get sick, or feel better.

So here I am, exhausted for no reason, constipated, headaches, and nauseaus, but also with my period and a negative pregnancy test.

Hopefully the longer I'm off birth control the other "symptoms" will settle down, and whatever is causing this nausea will go away as well.

On to try again next month! Thanks for checking in!

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Melissa said...

I experienced the same thing both times I went off birth control for the first few months. It's just evil that it's also signs of pregnancy. I hope that everything works out for you in good time.

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