Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Do I need to leave my job?

I'm so ticked off I can't think straight, and so am coming here to write it out.

After two promotions at my current job, I now have the title of Associate.

For the past eight years, I have been handling responsibilities for my division that I knew for a fact were being done by Specialists (one step above me) and in some cases even Assistant Managers (two steps above me) in other divisions.

I have known this for a fact. I have argued the point on multiple occasions. It's one of the reasons I got the two promotions that I have managed to squeeze out of them. But it was a fight both times.

I was just informed that "management's idea" is that there are some things that Specialists have been doing for 15+ years that they have now decided are really more Associate-level work. So they want to train me to do these things.
But not give me a promotion, or raise my pay.

So for over 15 years these responsibilities have been Specialist level, but now, I can do it.

Of course I can do it. I'm damn good.

It does not mean that the job is no longer Specialist level, it means that I am Specialist level.

I argued that they can't just randomly decide this and give me the job so they can get the same activity done for a lower pay rate. I was responded with an eye roll.

I asked that if they have spontaneously decided that Specialists weren't doing Specialist-level work, then why don't they demote those Specialists down to Associates instead.

I got a heavy sigh and something about how I don't understand how things work.

I do understand. I was hired nine years ago to do data entry & filing. My responsibilities have expanded hundred-fold. More than 75% of my job is now Specialist level work. But instead of promoting me to that level, you are exploiting my abilities so you can get the same job down at a lower pay grade.

From what I was told this morning I am pretty convinced that if I ever want to be taken seriously, if I ever want a promotion, I will need to leave my division, if not my company.

And that sucks.


Andy & Tater said...

It certainly does stink!

Maybe you should start sending out resumes for other jobs. Do not let your employer know that you are looking because they will make your life worse. I have known people who were terminated because their employer found out they were looking elsewhere. Don't quit until you find another job, because the person you would be hurting is you! Good Luck to you. It's awful to have that much aggravation in your life because of a job.

S said...

To answer the question that is the title of your post, you might.

I have had a few friends in similar positions: starting out in one position and gradually taking on more and more responsibility but never really being appreciated or rewarded at the level someone else was who had the same duties.

Sometimes you have to move ON to move UP. Sad but true.

Marianne said...

I am so happy that the interview I had at that company didn't pan out. I know I would never have been happy there. More than likely, it would have been a job I hated going to everyday. I truly LOVE my current job! I wish everybody was as happy as I am to go to work everyday. Maybe it is time for you to look...

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

All good advice from the commenters before me.
I am not cut out to do work that I does not make me happy.
Life is too short for feeling like it sounds like you do when it comes to work.
I wish you some good insight and answers from within to get you to a better place when it comes to your job.

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