Monday, April 22, 2013


Called the Ob's office for the results of my first blood draw today.

It doesn't look good. Even the nurse said so.

Hcg was a "6".

Since the threshold on my second pregnancy test was 20 (meaning Hcg levels had to be at least 20 for it to show up as positive), then we know my Hcg has already dropped significantly.

But they won't call it unless my levels drop below a 5, so I still have to go back tomorrow for another blood draw, "to make sure".

Stupid doctors.

I'm at work today. But completely useless. Obviously.

This sucks.

I'm still very tired. No cramping today, and my spotting has all but stopped.

This waiting sucks. I really just want it to be over with.

This sucks.


Melissa said...

so sorry :( I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

Susan said...

Thinking of you and prayers going up.

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