Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bumpity Bump

On one of my message boards, a young, thin & fit woman, who is eight months pregnant, relayed a story where she spends hours sobbing in various dressing rooms, trying on clothes for her baby shower, because while they're "cute", they all make her look "too pregnant".

She hates her baby bump, and feels fat.

I'm gonna be honest, I never understood this. Even before I had Jena.

You're pregnant. You are carrying a baby in that belly. Celebrate it! Show it off!

I understand it even less so since having my own child.

I loved being pregnant. I loved my baby bump. My gigantic, wearing XXL maternity clothes and my belly still hung out the bottom for the last two months of my pregnancy bump. Loved it.

I loved being pregnant. Every achy-joint, food-and-water-aversion-cold-all-the-time, highly-sensitive-to-smells, can't-get-comfortable, bigger-feet minute of it.

If God grants me the chance to carry another child, I plan on living it up, pregnancy style. Maternity clothes at the first sign of a "+" on the pregnancy test. Celebrating every second, relishing every moment.

I am, and will be, keenly aware that this will be my last pregnancy. And I don't plan on wasting a second of it, trying to hide my bump, lamenting my bigger belly. No ma'am. I plan on showing off & living those 10 months gloriously.


Katie said...

I loved being pregnant, too! Well, it was a love/hate relationship, but one I treasured even through the hard times. I am sorry for your friend's struggle, but it's not one I understand, either.

Marianne said...

Being pregnant was awesome! Of course, I know people like the one you mention and they work so hard at being fit and thin, they are afraid of not being that way anymore.

hg said...

What I, along with so many other women would give to have that baby bump.

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