Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Old Clothes

I weeded out some clothes recently.

Old clothes. Clothes that I haven't been able to wear since before I got pregnant.

I kept a couple of my absolute favorites. The rest have been boxed up to be placed in the yard sale we plan to have this Spring.

It's time that I faced it. When the time comes that I do fit into those clothes again (and I will... someday), they are already at least five years old. When I am that size again, they may not fit my body the same since having a child, or I may no longer like them on me. When I am that size again, they most likely will not be in style, considering they are already at least five years old.

So, yard sale it is.

I also began the task of sorting thru Jena's old clothes. I haven't done a total purge since we moved into this house over two years ago. Mini-purges to keep it under control, but not a major one.

So I'm washing all of them, and sorting them. My absolute favorites go into a storage bin in the case we ever have another girl. The rest are being boxed to go to Once Upon a Child or be distributed to friends who have little girls younger than Jena. Anything not taken will end up in the same yard sale.

And yes, a few of Jason's things found their way into the yard sale box as well. Not sure that he even noticed.
It feels good. This purging, cleaning. Feels new. Fresh. Good.

As always, thanks for checking in.


Unknown said...

It feels so good to purge. I've been carrying around pre-baby clothes for so long. This post motivates me to get rid of some things. I'm now following.

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

Always does feel wonderful to get rid of stuff that seems to weigh us down, even if only psychologically. I hope you get the results I did when I finally got rid of all those smaller clothes I had deemed I'd never fit into ever again. I ended up losing so much weight that I was right. They would have been too big!!!

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