Friday, January 25, 2013

Guest Post: What Parents Should Do When Their Kids Abuse Prescription Drugs

As my regular readers know, my family has been affected by a loved one who abused prescription drugs. So understandably I was excited to receive this guest post from Lana Brigham. Enjoy!
Even the thought of your child abusing prescription drugs is practically too much for you to bear. However, as parents, sometimes you have to deal with these issues. If you ever were to find them abusing prescription drugs, here's how to handle it.

Gauge Awareness Levels

Of course, issues can happen at any age; however, it's more likely that you're going to find a teenager abusing prescription drugs than a young elementary school child. In the latter case, you want to make sure the person really knew what he or she was doing. Older children might be abusing the drugs to get a rush, but younger ones may not really know what the drug is or what they are doing.

A Medical Visit
Now, serious internal problems can result from taking too many drugs, so you want to seek medical attention for your child right away. If the doctor is not open, going to the emergency room is a smart idea. Even if you think all of the drugs are probably out of his or her body, this is a situation with which you do not want to take chances. During the visit, you should also ask the doctor where help can be received for this type of problem; he or she may have some suggestions for you to follow.

Treatment Programs
Once the medical needs have been attended to, it's time to enroll your child in a program to help him or her get over the prescription drug abuse. This is not a situation where you should give your child another chance. Yes, part of it is showing children what they did wrong, but the other component is getting them the help they need. Find a group that is age appropriate for the youngster if possible. At certain ages, many others with the same issue might not exist. Choose a facility that has a program known for its success rate, and bring your child there for the program.

Continued Support
Do not just leave your child at the facility, and never return until he or she is going to come out. Find out when you are allowed to visit. At home, you can pray for your child's speedy recovery. When you come to visit, be supportive. Remember, this can be a really sensitive and embarrassing time for your child. This program might be an outpatient one too. In that case, ask the specialists what you can do at home to always show support and help out. When the program is over, you need to find out if any continued support is available for the youths as you want to be sure that this issue does not happen again.

Finding out that your child is abusing prescription drugs is a devastating scenario. The little one who you have always loved is entering into a really tough period in his or her life. However, with the support of you and other family members, your child will get through this situation.

Lana Brigham writes about parenting, health and more at the Delray Recovery Center.


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