Thursday, January 31, 2013

Another child is on his mind

The other night Jason asked Jena if she wanted a baby.

We were at a restaurant eating dinner, and there was a newborn at the next table.

He says things like this more often now.

Okay, it's more like he actually says things like this now.

Previously he wouldn't have brought it up at all. If anything, avoided the subject.

And he'll make comments like "you know we'll have to clean out the cat's room"

The cat's room being our office. Which has never turned into an office, but is a room full of boxes, plus where we keep the cat's stuff. Thus "the cat's room".

As in, we'd have to make that the nursery, as we have no more bedrooms.

Never long conversations. Just little comments that tell me having another child is on his mind.

And not in a horrible, oh-my-goodness-my-wife-wants-another-kid way.

In a way that says maybe he really thinks having another kid ain't so bad after all.

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