Sunday, December 2, 2012


For WEEKS Jena has been fighting sleep and asking that I check on her multiple times.

Finally figured it out, when the other night she asked if my check could be a "sleep check" (ie. would I still check on her if she fell asleep?).

She's been forcing herself to stay awake because she was afraid if she fell asleep I wouldn't come in at all. Now I just promise her that I'll still check on her, even if she's sleeping, and we're good to go.

Love my baby. And a good reminder that I need to ask her WHY she's doing something when her behavior is off. That little question has saved me so much grief in this parenting gig.

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The Liebers said...

I agree. Sometimes we assume we know why our children are doing something, but if we take the time to ask we'll find out that we were way off base. I hope your little one starts sleeping better for you soon!

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