Monday, December 17, 2012


A while back, Jason was off work during the week, and decided to meet me for lunch.

We used to do this pretty regularly, but he'd been working some overtime, plus his business had been providing steady work, so weekday lunches were a thing of the past.

We went to a pizza joint, then he drove me back to the office.

As we're pulling up to the door, and I'm opening the door to get out, he said "I was thinking... about that whole baby thing... maybe... after we get the car paid off... we could start trying."

Me: "Okay..." (translation "WHAAAAA?!?")


Unknown said...

Awesome! And is the car paid off?? :)

Marianne said...

Here's hoping you win the lottery and can fill your house with as many babies as you want!

Melissa said...


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