Saturday, December 8, 2012


So, I think I mentioned before (did I?) that I recently started volunteering in our church nursery.

I wanted to become more involved, give back, and was drawing a blank on ideas. But I worked in the nursery at church as a teenager, have a kid myself, and we're going to church anway. I figured it would be a great fit.


I started back in August. And I dread it. Every time.

I don't know why. I don't have a reason. I just don't wanna go. It makes me not want to go to church that day. And that is not good.

I signed up for one service a month, but they are short-staffed, so it's been two services a month since I started.
I really feel like I should quit, you know, the whole dreading-church thing and all, but knowing they're short-handed makes me feel like I can't abandoned them just because.

So I've decided to give it six months. I always said that about a job - you have to give it six months before you really know if you like it or not - so I'm applying that logic to volunteering now too.

At the end of that six months, we'll see.


Since I'm looking for another way to get involved, I decided I would also volunteer for the Loaves & Fishes ministry delivering meals to members who need them (recent surgeries, shut ins, new baby, etc). Just got started, and have yet to bring a meal, but I'm pretty excited about this one. I remember how much that meant to me after Jena was born.

And it sounds like it's pretty well organized. They only send you  names for members who are in your area, and said that at current rates, I would only  need to deliver a meal 3 - 4 times a year. Much less than I anticipated, but with my cooking skills, maybe that's a good thing, LOL.


And... (starting to sound like I'm on a volunteering roll, huh?) since our church's Facebook page is seriously lacking, I volunteered to help with that as well.

I hope they let me. I have to submit a plan with my ideas for improvement to be presented to the church staff before they grant me administrator rights.

I understand being careful with security, but quite frankly the person handling it now & who will be key in decision making doesn't seem to understand how social media works. At all. I'll spare the details, but what he wants done with our FB account, well... FB isn't exactly the appropriate media for it. I suggested some other options, but it fell on deaf ears, he wants it done on FB. So... not sure how this is going to go. But I'm willing to give it a shot!


And yes, there's more! Jason & I have been thinking / talking about leading a small group in our church for a year now, and we finally took the plunge and contacted our associate pastor about it. Neither of us have done anything like this before, plus with Jason's schedule as a firefighter, 1/3 of the nights I will be running it myself, so... eeek! We were nervous.

We suggested a couple of areas that we were interested in leading, and we are now leading the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University as of the end of January!

It works out well, as we were actually talking about taking the class again, to help us get back on / stay on track with our finances, so leading it will be just even moreso.


Excited to be serving. Glad to be giving back. Glad to be back.

As always, thanks for checking in!

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'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

The 6 months thing made me smile. I always say that too- I can do anything for 6 months. It's hard sometimes, though...
Good for you not letting one bad volunteer situation stop you from trying another.

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