Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Introducing Maltese Cross (a.k.a. Molly)

Back in June, Buddy led me to a tiny kitten in the underbrush on our property. There were no adult cats nearby. He led me to it, and kept the other dogs at bay as I sat in the underbrush for half an hour, gaining multiple mosquito bites before it got close enough for me to grab.

And it proceeded to rip the crap out of my hands and arms. I brought it inside, and we locked it in the laundry room with Peg.

I estimated it's age to be around 7 - 8 weeks old. And it was completely feral. I would assume we were the first humans it had seen.

Having nearly 30 years experience with cats, I decided I would try to tame it, & find it a home.

Well, I succeeded in taming her. She is now completely tame.

The home? Not so much. Ends up we literally couldn't even give her away.

And then there came the day when Jena said "We're not finding her a different home, right?"

And so, we've added a feline to our flock.

Maltese Cross. She goes by "Molly". Now so tame that Jena can pick her up & carry her around, and they cuddle together on the couch.

We really didn't want another cat, but she has fit in nicely. Sleeps on the bed with Jason, Tucker & I. Cuddles with Jena during the day. Is the only other cat we've had that Tucker has tolerated.

We've been fighting both roundworms & ear mites for the past 2 months, following her first visit to the vet. Unfortunately the mites were passed to Tucker, so even though we're treating both cats for both things, I think they somehow keep passing them to one another.

She's got one more visit for her last rabies booster, and we'll schedule her spay probably for January.

And that's where we are. Everyone give a nice warm welcome to Molly!

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'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

It's funny how animals sometimes find us- literally for you guys!

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