Friday, October 19, 2012

Gymnastics Class

Jena started taking gymnastics at our local YMCA. There were only 2 classes that fit our schedule: gymnastics or cheerleading, and FireGirl chose gymnastics.

"the bars" are her favorite

I have to say, I think she's a natural. The teachers keep commenting on how strong she is, and a couple of the other parents have asked me if she's taken classes before.

she was one of only 2 kids in her class that could do a chin-up unassisted

Most importantly, she loves it.

on this particular night, she wanted to stop by the park after class... why not?

She absolutely loves it, looks forward to it each week. I am so glad we signed her up! I have a feeling we'll be spending many more nights at the gym!


Steph{anie} said...

You may just have a little gymnast on your hands, although she'll have to fight her genetic predisposition to being tall ;)

Amber said...

That's wonderful!! My 3 yo LOVES gymnastics. Daddy's so anxious to be a parent coach at something that I caught him watching youtube instructional videos on gymnastics trying to learn the lingo. Then caught him trying to teach her to cartwheel in the front yard. LOL - he's so excited about it, if he's on duty, he'll roll up with the firetruck and make his whole crew sit through a 3 year old gymnastics class. :)

Home Jobs by MOM said...

My son wanted to try gymnastics last year but now I think he's getting too old. I think it's easier to start boys when they are young since people think of it as more girly.

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