Saturday, July 28, 2012

On the Chick-fil-A BoyCot


Okay, so after all this ranting about Chik-fil-A I went to read the interview myself. Read 3 different articles from 3 different sources, quotes were the same, so I'm fairly confident I have what Mr. Cathy said correct.

In the interview, he never bashed homosexuals, never stated that he or the company was anti-gay anything, just reiterated the already known & well-publicized fact that the company supports the traditional man/woman view of marriage, specifically via their WinMarriage program.

So... am I the only one who knew they were a conservative Christian company before this media firestorm?
The only one who noticed they were the only major restaurant chain willing to lose profits to be closed on Sunday?
The only one who read the
giant WinMarriage poster hanging on the wall in our local restaurant?

Basically, nothing said in that interview is news at all, but because the media picked up on it and told people to be mad, they are? Do I have that right?

If you feel like you need to boycott the company to stand up for your own personal beliefs, fine. Just please tell me that since all of this is old information that was readily available and even HANGING IN THE RESTAURANTS, that you've been doing it for years, and not just because the media told you to. Please?


And, since you're obviously such a great human rights activist, I'm sure it's safe to assume that you're already boycotting the following companies as well, right?

- ExxonMobil (the only Fortune10 company whose non-discrimination policy does not include homosexuality)
- WalMart (donates money to organizations that aim to prevent gay couples from adopting)
- A1 Self Storage (donated money to support Prop 8)
- Dominos Pizza (donates money to several causes considered anti-gay)

Because, surely, if you're boycotting a company for supporting the traditional view of marriage, than you must be boycotting a company who refuses to include homosexuals in their non-discrimination policy, right?


Surely you're not only boycotting one of these companies because the media decided to target it? Right? I mean, surely, as an intelligent, responsible citizen you are thinking for yourself and are already boycotting all of these other companies as well.


Please tell me you're not sheep. Please....


Melissa said...

Agreed, agreed, agreed!

I am all for people having their own convictions and beliefs, but good grief, have them for the right reasons, not because the stupid, lying media told you to!

Mr. Cathy voiced his personal beliefs, which he has as much right to do as the Pro-gay side has to voice their personal beliefs.
I've not heard that CFA discriminates against gays or anyone else. But boycotting CFA IS discriminating against Mr. Cathy for his religious beliefs.

Those people are too stupid to even understand they are doing the same thing as they're *supposedly* fighting against.
I say supposedly because the way are going about it, they aren't fighting against discrimination, they are fighting to get their own way, like toddlers throwing a tantrum.

Rather than forcing gay marriage down people's throats (heh) they should be concentrating on the whole separation of State and Religion thing.

But I guess the media didn't tell them that, so they don't know.

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

Love, love, love this!

Anonymous said...

Regardless of my stance on the statement made by CFA: boycotting CFA is not discrimination, if it is, the same rings true for when Christian Conservatives called for a boycott of JC Penny when they chose Ellen to be their spokesperson, or a boycott of Nabisco as a result of their rainbow Oreo ad or any of the other groups that have been targets of the the religious conservatives.

He has the right to say and financially support whatever it is that he wants to. And people who disagree with his stance have an equal right to respond and refuse to frequent his business and give him money to pass on to those organizations. And they have the right to make that public, just like the religious conservatives do regularly.

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