Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Update on my Nephew

He's being discharged from the Neurology Rehab center today.

His recovery is unbelievable.

No, really. As in the doctors, nurses, therapists, and other experts in the area of traumatic brain injury are incredulous.

He's being released home. And will need no special care.


He can walk, although he is at times unsteady.

He can talk.

He cannot drive.

He has lost 60% of his hearing.
This one is interesting, as it's a brain issue, not an ear issue. Essentially, hearing aids will not work because the problem is in his brain and how it processes sounds.

The psychiatrist has cleared him mentally, as being fully capable of functioning and making his own decisions.
Ends up a huge part of the issue was his hearing. So realizing that, plus some additional healing on his part, and ta daa! His mental facilities are now considered "normal"

He has been advised that if he chooses to partake in any amount of alcohol or illegal drugs, or suffers the slightest head injury, he risks death.
Not by his own actions as a result from altered judgement, as is usually the case, but because he has such a large amount of brain damage that anything that kills any additional brain cells has the potential to literally kill him. Even one drink.

5 weeks ago

2 weeks ago
at his sister's HS graduation last week


I thank you all so much for your prayers. We have truly seen a miracle done here.

And I ask you for your continued prayers.

He admits to being an addict. Which means his struggle to avoid death is only beginning.

And his first major decision is (what I believe to be) a bad one. Instead of moving in with his parents (who dropped everything to move back to Ohio to support him - but that's another story), he has decided to live with his aunt & uncle. The uncle who gave him the drugs and is an addict himself. Two unemployed addicts living in the same house. Surely I don't have to spell out the issue here.

He is an adult, who's psychiatrist cleared him for making personal decisions, so legally his parents have recourse. Other than prayer.

From what I understand, his reasoning is that his parents have too many rules. His dad tried to reason with him, pointing out that he had already agreed that his girlfriend could live there with him, and that the other rules (no drinking, no smoking, no drugs), are the same things doctors told him could kill him, and he says he's going to not do any more. So what rules are the problem? TheBoy had no answer.

Please continue to pray for TheBoy. And for the entire family, but I do believe his situation is still urgent. If I'm being honest, with his medical situation, and the living situation he is putting himself into, assuming he stays in that situation, I do not expect him to live more than 3 - 5 years.

Please pray.


Doug said...

Amazing story. I hope he can make the right decisions in his life.

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

This is truly a miracle! And yet, I can feel for the level of frustration that comes with this ability to 'make his own decisions'. I will pray that your nephew is also miraculously transformed such that he is able to avoid further medical issues and be able to share his wonderful testimony of beating addiction with others. Maybe even a bigger miracle...

Carol said...


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